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Rootfire World Premiere: HIRIE “I Wanna Be”

HIRIE has been burning bright since 2013, when her infectious single, "Sensi Boy," with its herb-coated hook, was passed from stereo to stereo throughout the scene. Instead of fading away HIRIE took her music to the road touring months on end, from acoustic performances on cruise ships, to guerrilla sets at festival lots, the live show became a priority and the country responded. Going into her second album, HIRIE is digging deeper into songwriting and production, enlisting the help of A grade producers like Jamaica’s Don Corleon, who co-produced her latest single "I Wanna Be." If HIRIE is able to record an album, that in her own words is "super heady, [with] lots of drum and bass, lots of dub sections," blended with her naturally accessible pop-reggae hooks, I believe that she could create an album that's integrity rises the tide for a scene that she has kept her feet grounded in since day one. Rootfire has supported many music related Kickstarter campaigns over the years, but none have touched our core more than this one, inspiring the "what ifs" where others have fallen short.


Rootfire has teamed up with Slightly Stoopid to help you give your friends tickets to the “Everything Is Awesome Tour” when it stops at LA’s Greek Theatre on August 15.

Maybe you want to surprise your college roommate, or thank your little brother for helping you babysit your children all summer. Whoever the person is, if you think they would like a pair of tickets to one of the summer’s biggest reggae-rock tours when it stops in LA here is your opportunity.

Mixtape 008 – At The Beach (mixed by Alific)

Fat Freddys Drop, The Movement, Stick Figure, The Expanders, G. Love & Special Sauce, Sublime, Jurassic 5, Lloyd & Glen, Prince Buster, Mos Dub, Collie Buddz, Shaggy, Tribal Seeds, House of Shem, Stephen 'Ragga' Marley, Fugazi, Atmosphere, Bob Marley.

Rootfire World Premiere: Kiwi “Wait Until Tomorrow”

Thus said an old miser as he waited for his turn
With appearance none-the-wiser for all the chances that he'd burned
A storm approaches sure and heavy--
I'll be good when I am good, then I'll be ready
I was gonna wait until tomorrow
I don't know where all the time went by
And I don't know how to cry anymore....

Preserving Moments on Fujifilm Instax

I took the initiative to preserve certain moments with my Fujifilm Instax. As a photographer it is important to understand the value of slowing down and "seeing" your subject, getting only one shot allows you to do that. I proudly present to you some of those glimpses of calmness and deep connection I had during this year.

Rootfire World Premiere: Thrive “The Gift” (feat. Trevor Young)

We have known Trevor since the 2011 "Everything Changes tour" when Thrive supported SOJA. At that time Trevor was both a guitar tech for SOJA and also opening the shows as a solo acoustic performer. We (Thrive) have always believed in Trevor as an artist. He was super awesome to work with and it was really fun to bounce ideas back and forth with him. He is definitely a worthy fit for a powerhouse band like SOJA. - Aaron Borowitz, Thrive

Cali Roots 2015. A Poem

Some say it takes a village; I agree. Everyone in a community has a role and when we practice that role to the best of our abilities great things happen. Fortunately my role at Cali Roots 2015 was to document the overall experience and preserve it through the photos I took.… Read More