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Category Archive for ‘Artist Spotlight’

Artist Spotlight: The Bandulus

On a Saturday evening back in late October, I made my way to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn for a much-anticipated reggae show featuring The Bandulus and Uzimon. For those unfamiliar, Uzimon is a Bermuda-born, Brooklyn-based international reggae superstar specializing in dancehall, rub-a-dub and rocksteady known to kill men with lyrical bullets,… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Opie Ortiz and Images of a Generation

Nobody will deny that Sublime has been the most influential artist within the reggae rock scene and the most notorious beyond it, selling over 20 million records worldwide. Similar to the Grateful Dead, their oeuvre includes not only their music but their beloved artwork, which, over the years,… Read More

Artist Spotlight: The Sub Herbs

Florida’s has a plethora of dynamic artists that bring a magical presence to the local reggae scene.  Out of beautiful Deltona come The Sub Herbs, who since 2021 already shared stages with heavy hitters such as Yellowman, The Elovaters, Kash’d Out, Little Stranger, Matisyahu, Howi Spangler, The Supervillains, Kyle… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Emeterians

Music, reggae in particular, is an extremely powerful medium that transcends lingual, geographic and cultural borders, brings people together and can foster change and elevate consciousness. With this in mind, as a platform for reggae music worldwide, Rootfire has always strove to not only promote American artists but to also… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Pinnacle Sound

Most people will tell you that you can’t travel through time. Clearly, they have not heard the music of French reggae collective Pinnacle Sound, whose vintage vibrations transport listeners back to the golden age of Jamaican music.

Every now and then I hear an artist that instantly captivates me,… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Kairo McLean

My ongoing quest to find new reggae music inadvertently forces me to spend a considerable amount of time listening to music that doesn’t move the needle for me. Thankfully, however, every so often I come across an artist that blasts that marker well into the red section at the… Read More