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Steel Pulse – Mass Manipulation

1. Rize
2. Zem Dem
3. Stop You Coming And Come
4. Thank The Rebels
5. Justice In Jena
6. Human Trafficking
7. Cry Cry Blood
8. Don’t Shoot
9. Trinkets And Beads?
10. No Satan Side
11. N.A.T.T.Y.
12. Mass Manipulation
13. World Gone Mad
14. Black And White Oppressors
15. The Final Call
16. Higher Love (Rasta Love)
17. Nations Of The World


Acclaimed as the greatest British reggae band when it emerged in 1978, Steel Pulse is perhaps the last great old-school reggae band left.” –NPR, All Things Considered

“Steel Pulse’s new single ‘Cry Cry Blood’ is a meditative rocker with deftly placed horns, guitars and strings bubbling up above the song’s thumping groove.” –Rolling Stone

“[David Hinds’] songwriting and Bob Marleyesque vocals have lost none of their plaintively galvanising qualities as he addresses social justice.” -The Guardian (4 of 5 Stars)