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About: Rootfire was established in 2010 by a group of friends committed to reggae music and roots culture, who wanted to share information and inspiration about the scene they lived and breathed. Over the past seven years, Rootfire has grown into the voice of the progressive reggae community. It’s a place to discover new music, connect, and, most importantly, participate in the international movement to create a conscious way of life.

Mission: To empower artists, and inspire an active, healthy lifestyle that is surrounded by great music and friends. We seek to positively contribute and participate in the progressive roots community.

Read about the change from artist management company to lifestyle focus.


What does the name mean?

The name Rootfire tells the story of a fire that starts underground, deep in the roots of a tree. The tree burns unnoticed until the center of its trunk catches and fire opens it up in a blaze. At the center of Rootfire’s RF logo is a very small bird nestled between the two letters. The bird is flying forward with an egg in its mouth while looking backwards over its shoulder, a Ghanaian Sankofa symbol. It reminds us to acknowledge the progress that came before (look back over your shoulder), to take what’s good from where we came from (the egg), and to keep moving forward to create the future.

How do I get involved?

Sign up for our newsletter. Connect with Rootfire at Please include a subject line that tells us what’s happening.

Where do I pay?

Nowhere. Rootfire is a community. We work to connect people in the industry with their fans and sometimes that involves figuring out how everyone can make money. But that’s good, right? Because that means the people who make the music you love are getting paid to do it well and nurture it, to love it. Contribute by contacting rootfire[at] here.


For All Inquiries email: rootfire [at]




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Charlottesville, VA 22902

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