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Customer Service

Email: [email protected] 


Customer Service

We currently offer Customer Service Mon – Friday 9am to 5pm
When emailing our Customer Service Department for general contact please do the following:
State your Name and Order Number (if available)
Tell us your Message or Question
Tell us your Phone and Email address


We do accept exchanges.
**We do not cover shipping fees for products that aren’t damaged or shipped incorrectly.**
To make an exchange please do the following:
Email us with the subject title of the email stating “Exchange”
Provide us with your Name, Order Number and Phone Number.
Reason for exchange.
Briefly tell us the item you want to exchange and what you want in its place.
Once email is sent expect a reply within 24 hours with further instructions.

Damaged Goods

If a product is delivered damaged please do the following:
Send an email Twith subject line “Damaged”
Email us a photo of the damaged goods.
State where the product is damaged.
Please include Name, Order Number and Phone Number.
Once email is sent expect a reply within 24 hours with further instructions.
*A refund won’t be made for the damaged item unless the item can’t be replaced.*

Return Process

We will accept Returns for a refund upon 30 Days of the delivery date.
**Shipping cost and taxes will not be refunded **
To make a Return please do the following:
Send an email with subject line “Return”
Please include Name, Order Number and Phone Number.


Shipping prices are determined straight from the carriers. The cost of the shipping depends on the weight of your entire order and its destination from our warehouse.
DOMESTIC (within the US) orders usually take 3-4 business days from shipment date to be delivered. Just because you receive an email saying your item was shipped does not necessarily mean it will be shipped that day; it just means the order was processed for shipment. Your order will be processed and sent to our fulfillment area to be fulfilled as fast as possible. Orders usually take 1- 2 business days to be processed and shipped. We currently only offer USPS as a shipping provider.
First class 13oz and below: 2-5 business days transit
Priority Mail 14oz and above: 1- 3 business days transit

Declined Orders

Why is my order being declined?
Credit card charge attempts are normally declined due to a mismatch of billing information. If the billing information you entered does not match up exactly with the information on file with your card issuing bank, the transaction may be declined. Please double check the full name and full address on file with your card issuer, and make sure the same correct information is entered into the billing fields when placing an order.
If the billing information is correct, then please double check that the card number, expiration date and security code are all being entered correctly as well.
After making sure all information being submitted is correct, then we recommend contacting the issuing bank for your card, and inquiring with them what the issue may be.
My order attempt was declined, but why do I see multiple charges on my online statement?
When order attempts are made and then declined, this means no transactions were processed for the credit card, and no funds were processed for these transactions.
Certain banks and credit card companies place holds on user’s cards for order attempts, even if no actual transaction takes place. It appears your bank could be applying this method.
Transaction holds on credit cards usually pass within 24 – 48 hrs, but that depends on the policies of the issuing bank, and this process is entirely out of our hands. We do not have the ability to influence when how and when credit card holds are implemented, as that is solely up to the issuing banks.
If there is a hold enforced by your bank, it should clear here shortly. Any further questions regarding the hold process should be directed to your issuing bank.
Email: [email protected]