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Album Showcase: Nai-Jah & the Kwenu Band – “Democrazy”


Democrazy, the latest LP from French reggae artist, Nai-Jah, is an album that extends into various continents for its musical influences, with lyrics focused upon a range of social concerns. The broad nods to the world’s musical forms make perfect sense, since Nai-Jah’s travels have made him a man of the world.album-showcase-nai-jah-the-kwenu-band-democrazy/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: Soom-T – “The Louder the Better”


Editor’s Note:  Scottish reggae artist, Soom-T, is a favorite of the Rootfire team. We first covered her back in March of 2021 when Kayla Kush interviewed her as part of our Women in Reggae series. Today, we publish an Album Showcase article focusing on her latest LP, The Louder the Better, which was released this past October. … album-showcase-soom-t-the-louder-the-better/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: Pinnacle Sound – “Still Dread”


Pinnacle Sound’s 5th album is in the wake of the previous ones – roots that make you smile” –  these were the words Pinnacle Sound chose to pitch their fifth release, Still Dread.

“Roots that make you smile.” Its simplicity in claim got me grinning, but my experience in listening gave me full admiration realizing that the French recording collective knew how profoundly true the short statement was and how its blossoms were infinite as spins in the records circle.… album-showcase-pinnacle-sound-still-dread/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: ROJI – “The Gunman of Silver City”


For the past two decades plus, few artists from within the modern reggae scene have brought me more enjoyment than roots and dub outfit 10 Ft. Ganja Plant. A big part of their vintage sound stems from the work of Craig “Dubfader” Welsch, who serves as their drummer and engineer and at different times has previously applied his talents to enhance the live shows of John Brown’s Body and Slightly Stoopid as front-of-house sound.… album-showcase-roji-the-gunman-of-silver-city/" class="read-more">Read More