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Album Showcase: ROJI – “The Gunman of Silver City”


For the past two decades plus, few artists from within the modern reggae scene have brought me more enjoyment than roots and dub outfit 10 Ft. Ganja Plant. A big part of their vintage sound stems from the work of Craig “Dubfader” Welsch, who serves as their drummer and engineer and at different times has previously applied his talents to enhance the live shows of John Brown’s Body and Slightly Stoopid as front-of-house sound.… album-showcase-roji-the-gunman-of-silver-city/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: H.R. – “Let Luv Lead (The Way)”

From Hardcore to Soft Heart: Bad Brains’ H.R. Reimagines “Attitude” in Ninth Reggae Album Let Luv Lead (The Way)

Growing up, H.R. was a nickname given to reggae master Paul Hudson that meant “Hunting Rod.” As his trademark style developed, and spiritual mission fortified, over the decades to come, he reassigned the initials to signify “Human Rights,” in congruence with his eponymous rock band, launched in ’84.… album-showcase-h-r-let-luv-lead-the-way/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: Victor Axelrod – “If You Ask Me To: Victor Axelrod Productions for Daptone Records”

Editor’s Note: This article was written by , a freelance music journalist, and originally published in Brooklyn Magazine on September 25, 2023. Rootfire has republished a portion of the article with permission from Brooklyn Magazine and readers can click through to read the rest of the article, which includes Victor Axelrod’s song-by-song breakdown of the album.… album-showcase-victor-axelrod-if-you-ask-me-to-victor-axelrod-productions-for-daptone-records/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: Gentleman’s Dub Club – “On a Mission”

U.K.’s secret weapon, Gentleman’s Dub Club, has become a staple at UK’s leading festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival, and others, amassing tons of fans throughout their homeland and beyond.

The Dub Club give us the heat with their latest rager of an album from Easy Star Records, On A Mission, a truly masterful collection of music.… album-showcase-gentlemans-dub-club-on-a-mission/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: The Prizefighters – “Punch Up”


Minnesota’s heavy hitters, The Prizefighters, navigate deep waters of ska, rocksteady and reggae, drifting through eras reminiscent of 60’s Jamaica and UK punk-ska. This band comes from the heartland of the U.S.A. with so much style, it’s incredible.

Their latest album, Punch Up, contrives a subtle rage against the hypocrisies of the ruling hierarchy.… album-showcase-the-prizefighters-punch-up/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: Burning Spear – “No Destroyer”


They think I-man could not reach this far in life

But one thing they forget is my determination


— from “They Think,” by Burning Spear


Within the first ten seconds of “The Spear,” the first track of No Destroyer, the recently released LP from Burning Spear, roots reggae fans will immediately recognize the sound of the venerable Jamaican musician.… album-showcase-burning-spear-no-destroyer/" class="read-more">Read More