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Through The Roots – Miss Lovely – (Rootfire Premiere)

California Roots Music and Arts Festival is just a few days away. The yearly pilgrimage to Monterey, California brings together the most influential modern reggae bands in the world. Cali Roots has also become home turf for many people working in the scene to spread the good word about reggae music, like So Cal Street Team, Press Junkie PR, D2PC, Hill Kid, Victoria BC Ska Society, Easy Star, Dub Rockers, The Pier, Top Shelf Reggae, BudKing, etc.… Read More

Billboard feature on Rootfire Cooperative

When American reggae band The Movement’s sixth album Golden topped the Reggae Albums chart for the week of April 30, it was a testament to their supportive fan base, earned through years of consistent touring, and a triumph for an alternative to the traditional record label structure.

Golden is the debut release on Rootfire Cooperative, a not for profit company offering no interest micro loans to reggae acts, which pay for the production, manufacturing and marketing of their albums as well as administrative services.

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