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We Are Music

Do you ever wonder why we make music? Why are we drawn to sounds? Why does music make us feel the way it does? I think it’s because at our most basic level, we ARE music. 

I will explain. First though, a quick refresher.… Read More

Rare Record Showcase #2: The Force Of Music – “Freedom Fighters Dub ”

Rootfire’s “Rare Record Showcase” is a new bi-monthly series dedicated to sharing top-quality Jamaican and Jamaican-inspired records of the past, that have heretofore unjustly existed under the radar of all but the most deep-diving music lovers.

For this second edition of the Rootfire “Rare Record Showcase,” I’ve chosen one of my favorite Dub records, the late 70s scorcher entitled The Force Of Music – Freedom Fighters Dub.… Read More

Two On The Mic: Iya Terra (Ticket Giveaway)

Devin Morrison Interviews Nathan Feinstein. 

For our second installment of Two On The Mic, Devin Morrison speaks with Iya Terra founder and frontman Nathan Feinstein. Some years ago Devin’s endorsement of Iya Terra actually played a huge role in getting them some early support tours and looks from other managers and agents in the scene.Read More

First Listen Double Feature: Cultivated Mind: “No Quarter for Thieves” & “Stashin’ Gold

The American reggae community continues to grow, with talented new artists sprouting up in many communities throughout the United States. California and Florida have always led the pack when it comes to the number of bands and strength of the fanbase, probably due to the abundance of coastlines and the perennial warm climates, which foster a strong beach and surfing culture.Read More

First Watch: DENM – Blow It Up

In the words of DENM, Southern California is “not all Beverly Hills and Malibu. It’s tough and you gotta learn to be tough to make it.” DENM’s latest single, “Blow It Up,” takes us to the seedier side of SoCal in a cool-rolling party anthem that embodies the rough and tough experience of living in the beach town hustle.… Read More

First Listen: Abby Dallas produced by Llamar “Riff Raff” Brown – “Rude Boy Lovin’”

Kingston, Jamaica’s Abby Dallas drops her new single “Rude Boy Lovin’” tomorrow (August 9) on Ineffable / Nebilus Records. “The song is about love and female empowerment. The female in the song is not afraid to say what she wants and how she wants to be treated by her lover.” -Abby Dallas

Produced by Llamar Riff Raff” Brown, this is the first of many upcoming releases between Brown and Ineffable.… Read More