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Deep Dive: Mind in Motion – Prog Rock to Heavy Dub (Rootfire World Premiere)

– Installation One: Prog Rock to Heavy Dub –

“From the beginning, one of my goals was to have a dub/reggae foundation but with a really big drum sound and production influence from that prog rock/electronic vibe,” declares Matt Benoit, the musical brain behind Mind in Motion, a new instrumental project from Benoit, drummer for the rising star of the American reggae world HIRIE.… Read More

The “Or Die Trying Tour,” Pt. 1: Across California with The Holdup

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — In the final moments before showtime at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, Mike Garmany of The Holdup adjusts the glittery in-ear monitors that rest just a few centimeters above his signature shining cubic zirconia gauges. Along with the glossy lavender Squire Stratocaster guitar he’ll pick up on the way to the stage a few minutes later, the earrings catch more light than anything else in the room, reflecting back onto the assembled crowd of hundreds of fans passionately singing every word.Read More

First Listen: Artikal Sound System – Come On Over

The lead vocals of Logan Rex immediately hook the listener on the latest single from Artikal Sound System, “Come On Over.” Sparse guitar and keys tastefully backup this intro verse before the full band drops the riddim on this energetic new track from their upcoming album Time, available December 7.… Read More

First Listen: NomaD – Grown Tingz (feat. HIRIE)

There are a lot of paths through the music industry—performer, producer, management, merchandising—and some individuals find themselves filling many of those roles throughout their career. With a Grammy on the shelf, and seven other nominations to boot, Damon Elliott a.k.a. NomaD approaches his debut release Grown Tingz, out September 28, with an expert ear for producing hit material.… Read More

Reggae Road Warriors – Three Women and Their Journey to Reggae Rise Up Utah 2018

Guest Post by Brad Metzger

Brad has covered Reggae for over 30 years for publications including Billboard, Reggae Report International, The Beat and United Reggae. For the past 2 years Brad has covered festivals including Cali Roots, Rototom Sunsplash in Spain and many others in his capacity as California Editor for

Reggae Rise Up Utah 2018 boasted a stacked and epic lineup attracting Reggae fans from all over the country.Read More