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First Listen: Channel Tubes Presents The Far East (Full Album Premiere)

This past fall, as part of our Women In Reggae series, Rootfire published an article about Maddie Ruthless, alluring frontwoman for The Far East, a Brooklyn-based reggae band with a raw, throwback sound. During the interview, when asked about her aspirations for her band, Ruthless said, “The goal is to write and record the baddest riddims possible and watch Babylon tumble from the weight of pure bass.” (A quote so nice, we had to run it twice.)

Ruthless also mentioned that the band was close to releasing some new music.  Read More

They Left an Impression: The Impact of Curtis Mayfield on the Music of Jamaica

Guest Post by Jim the Boss

When The Impressions landed in Jamaica for the first time in 1966, their popularity spread like a wildfire. The band’s presence essentially created an equivalent to “Beatlemania.” The group’s records sold very well on the island and dozens of groups such as The Techniques, The Uniques, Derrick Harriot and many more would record dozens of their own versions.Read More

First Listen: One Culture – Take Control feat. Tony Brand of Cultivated Mind

“Evil is the Disease and all greed is a Contagion,

Love is the Antidote and Unity is the Foundation”

These lyrics set the vibe for “Take Control,” the new single from Virginia Beach’s One Culture. Featuring Tony Brand of Cultivated Mind, this latest release is characterized by polished production, smooth horns and an all-around laid back vibe, backing up a message of optimistic positivity.… Read More

The Little Festival That Could: Success for the Inaugural Arizona Roots Music and Arts Festival

With California Roots hitting its tenth year in full stride in 2019 and other festivals like Reggae Rise Up growing rapidly every year, there is no denying that the reggae festival community is doing well. Yet while the chance of running into friends from far and wide is always a plus at these festivals, whose attendance is measured in the tens of thousands, sometimes the crowds leave us jonesing for the good old days of smaller audiences and homegrown vibes.… Read More