Jamaica Honors Reggae Legend with Peter Tosh Museum

Today, October 19, marks what would have been the 72nd birthday of reggae legend Winston Hubert McIntosh, aka Peter Tosh. Along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, Peter founded the trailblazing reggae group, The Wailers, and would go on to international fame as a hallowed solo artist, cunning social activist, and dedicated advocate for the Rastafarian religion.… Read More

Dancing In The Yard of The Creator – A Retrospective on Kevin Kinsella

We are counting down the hours to our latest music and lifestyle festival, Rootfire At The Park, in Cocoa, Florida, on October 22nd. All hands are on deck tying up loose ends and finalizing details, from vendors to ticketing to security and logistics, but while everyone is contributing to this exciting event in their own way, collectively we anxiously await a special treat which will launch the festivities – a rare performance by one of the most seminal members of the modern reggae movement, Kevin Kinsella. … Read More

Troy Wiggins of Roots Of A Rebellion on Iseo & Dodosound

In 1935, an American radio station, XERA, was established just over the border of Mexico. With signal strength of one million combined watts, local ranchers quickly realized that the signal could be picked up through their barbed-wire fencing. June Carter Cash of the legendary Carter Family once told how she could hang a tin can from the barbed fence and hear her families’ music.… Read More

#SoccerGardenParty – Is Coming….!

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Oct 22 – Rootfire At The Park