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Ticket Giveaway & Interview: Pepper

Think back to June of 1997. What was your life like then? Where were you living and working? Who were you spending time with? Were you in school? In diapers? Were you even born yet??

Think about how much your life and the world around you has changed since then.Read More

Project 432 – Passenger – Out Now!

For a touring musician, Denver, CO is always an eagerly anticipated date on the tour schedule. Crowds are often receptive and excited. There is just something super fun about playing in Denver. And one of  the most appealing features for any out-of-town bands rolling through is the abundance of high-quality local bands that are likely to be on the bill.… Read More

First Watch: Kevin Kinsella – “Among Them”

Anyone who has been following reggae music for more than a minute should be familiar with John Brown’s Body, one of the longest tenured, most prolific and most respected American reggae bands.  Although currently on indefinite hiatus, JBB dropped their debut LP, All Time, in 1996, and followed with ten additional studio albums, including three dub albums, culminating in the release of Fireflies in 2016. Read More

First Listen: Jim The Boss – Dub In Hifi

Are you one of those reggae fans that scours the internet, including social media groups, message boards, eBay and record distributor websites in search of rare vinyl? Do you pull over to the side of the road for every garage sale to rummage through milk crates of dusty old LPs?… Read More

First Listen: Locos Por Juana – Children Of The Light [Rootfire World Premiere]


HEAR ME NOW! Miami Cumbia-Dub Rockers Locos Por Juana are coming cool and correct in their new release “Children of the Light.” Celebrating reggae’s tradition of versions, this Grammy-nominated fusion group is playing on the Simply Red familiar favorite “Holding Back The Years” all the while tapping into the mystical elements of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side.… Read More

First Watch: The Late Ones – Tell Me Not

“The inspiration behind ‘Tell Me Not’ comes from the unconditional love and support that we receive from that one girl who through thick and thin, has stood by your side.” – The Late Ones

Gardena, California’s The Late Ones are out with a new music video for their recent single “Tell Me Not,” (Easy Star Records) an aesthetically pleasing accompaniment to this tasteful love homage.Read More