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First Listen: Alex Tea – “On a Ride”

A couple of weeks ago, Rootfire published an Artist Spotlight article about international producer/engineer/recording artist extraordinaire, Victor Rice, who has enhanced the work of hundreds of reggae acts from around the world during his multi-decade career. One such artist is Alex Tea, a veteran New York City area based musician known as the front man for the regionally loved but now defunct Jersey City roots reggae act, Kiwi (originally Kiwi the Child).Read More

First Listen: The Medicinals – “We Gonna Get Through”

Q: What do you get when you mix three parts roots reggae, two parts electronic/drum and bass, one part hip-hop and one part indie pop?

A: An audible elixir that increases heart rates, induces bodily movement and elicits elation.

Emerging from the diverse and deep pool of musical talent along the shores of Lake Ontario, The Medicinals, an aptly-named roots collective out of Rochester, NY, sprung forth from informal jam sessions to conjure a healing blend of reggae, Afrobeat, funk and “island vibes” at a time when people need it more than ever.… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Crazy Baldhead

About five years ago, Jayson “Agent Jay” Nugent, guitarist of the internationally adored NYC-based ska/reggae band, The Slackers, had been cycling north on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. After hitting a patch of construction that was not barricaded, Nugent badly broke and dislocated his shoulder, paralyzing his whole right arm within minutes.Read More

First Listen: Mellodose – “We Come Back”

Reggae fans from the Southeast are likely familiar with Nashville’s Roots of a Rebellion, a well-respected band bursting with talent that has been putting out original music since 2012. From within the ranks of ROAR, guitarist Marco Martinez has been channeling some of his creative energies into a side project called Mellodose, a collaboration he shares with his girlfriend, photographer Katie Cameron, who lends her writing, singing and stunning visual design talents to their partnership.Read More