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Support the Shack! Sugarshack Helps the Stars Shine

Im just gonna put this out there right here, right now, right away—if you have EVER even just ONCE enjoyed a youtube video put up by Sugarshack Sessions, then follow this link HERE and give them $1 or more. Whether you discovered a band or caught one of your favorite artists giving a 100% unique performance with seamless video editing and perfect sound production, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it was a free experience for you.… Read More

The Little Festival That Could: Success for the Inaugural Arizona Roots Music and Arts Festival

With California Roots hitting its tenth year in full stride in 2019 and other festivals like Reggae Rise Up growing rapidly every year, there is no denying that the reggae festival community is doing well. Yet while the chance of running into friends from far and wide is always a plus at these festivals, whose attendance is measured in the tens of thousands, sometimes the crowds leave us jonesing for the good old days of smaller audiences and homegrown vibes.… Read More

First Listen: The Prizefighters – Along for the Ride


With the recent passing of Bob Marley’s birthday on February 6, it’s easy to be reminded how far reggae has spread from its birthplace on the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Now, almost six decades later, this magical music has taken root in every corner of the world, from Japan to Sao Paulo, New Zealand to Vancouver.Read More

First Listen: Reggae Mandela – South Africa

With 40 years under its belt, few labels have the scope that VP Records brings to the table. But four decades of bringing reggae music to the masses isn’t all that’s being celebrated; this month, in conjunction with African-American History Month, VP is releasing Reggae Mandela, a compilation of heavy-hitting roots reggae that honors the fight for freedom in South Africa and the leader who helped bring the end to apartheid, Nelson Mandela.… Read More

First Listen: CRSB – Casanova

Keeping it in the family, cousins Chris Ramos and Sonny B form the Bay area’s CRSB. Today Rootfire is premiering their latest track, “Casanova,” a pop forward tale of the Romeo who can’t help but fall in love with every girl he meets.… Read More