Oct 22 – Rootfire At The Park

A Photo is Worth 1000 Songs – Florence, OR 2am

A weekly series exploring photos, words, and songs.
Photos: Arik Solberg
Words: Dave Shiffman
Songs: ♫ on Spotify

WORDS: “The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.”
                                                                E. Joseph Cossman

The black of night gradually brightens, subtly at first, as the line of the nearby ridge and silhouette of the trees can be seen. … Read More

Na’an Stop – open yourself up to the moment.

Editors Note: We strive to share stories that come directly from within the scene. This week we have a special feature from David Halvorson, Jr., reflecting on his band Na’an Stop’s most recent recording experience with producer Danny Kalb. The session included an unexpected visit from Hirie, who recorded vocals for her song “Boom Fire” early one morning at the studio.… Read More

“Gotta Make A Livin” Relix Premiere

Rootfire is excited to announce that Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad‘s latest single “Gotta Make A Livin” was premiered by Relix yesterday. Starting in 1974 as a handmade newsletter devoted to connecting people who recorded Grateful Dead shows, today Relix, a beacon of grassroots success, brings music news to more than 100,000 fans across the USA.… Read More

Try hard. Do your best. The rest will follow.

In an almost too-freaky way, HIRIE’s album Wandering Soul came out exactly one year to the day that the band launched a Kickstarter Campaign to “record the album of their dreams.” Let that sink in. One year to the day.

At that time, we participated exactly the same way as 369 other folks… by backing the project through the Kickstarter and gifting a little love and support to our friends in the band.… Read More