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Album Showcase: Pyrotechnist – “Fire Crackers”

If you listen to the continually evolving Rootfire Progressive Roots Playlist, a wicked little dub number titled “Sunny Tubby” may have recently caught your ear. Its playful bassline, meandering organ and smooth saxophone may have transported you back to a bustling Kingston street corner, circa 1970-something, which, in turn, may have prompted you to click on the likely unfamiliar artist name, Pyrotechnist, or the album name, Dub Rocketry.… Read More

First Watch: The Loving Paupers – “Don’t Care”

For many people, Valentine’s Day seems to be a polarizing date on the calendar. Those in the throws of sizzling romances and stellar long-term relationships tend to welcome this Hallmark holiday as a prompt to celebrate their love, yet single people often reject it with bitterness, perhaps a harsh reminder of past wrongs, bad decisions and ongoing frustration in finding the perfect partner.… Read More

First Listen: Pachyman – “At 333 House”

A few months back, Rootfire published an interview with Pachyman, the L.A. based Puerto Rican riddim and dub master. At the time, Pachyman had just burst onto the scene in strong-strong fashion with his debut full-length dub record “Pachyman In Dub,” a critically acclaimed instant classic on which Pachy played all the instruments, wrote all the music, and mixed all the dubs himself.… Read More