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Youth Airwaves: WYOB Radio

Nowadays, with the Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers, people can access music without even having to get up off of the couch. Digital technology revolutionized the distribution of music while wireless capability transformed the way we listen to it, creating a new world of endless possibilities and incredible ease for music fans.  Read More

First Listen: Brother Jerome – Soul Shine

Arpeggiated guitar and chords steeped in tremolo introduce us to the debut full-length album, Progress, by Northern New Jersey-based Brother Jerome. But it doesn’t take long before this swelling intro gives way to the tight rock-reggae coupled with melodic horns that is distinctive of this young band’s brand of music.Read More

First Watch: Tomorrows Bad Seeds – Frequency

Hailing from the reggae hotspot of Hermosa Beach, CA, Tomorrows Bad Seeds delivers with their latest single, “Frequency.” Splashes of brass accentuate this heartfelt pop reggae track, as the refrain of “this is the frequency of love” repeats between impactful lyrical verses.Read More

Community Beyond Music: Reggae Rise Up Florida 2018

It’s easy to see the line up for the next big reggae festival and get excited. The genre is at a special spot in its growth where the majority of your favorite headliners will be playing any given big fest, yet new promising talent waiting to be discovered is always filling out the bill.… Read More

Improvising Greatness: Matisyahu Interview

Vision. Integrity. Fearlessness. These are characteristics that give an artist the edge to be great. The edge to succeed. The edge to stay relevant, particularly after arriving into the mainstream. Matisyahu has been a staple of the modern reggae community since his debut in 2004.Read More

Hoboken HiFi and the Hudson Soul Sound

New Jersey is a state of great diversity and dichotomy. It contains some of the most dilapidated, depressed and dangerous cities in America yet boasts three of the top ten richest counties in the country. The Appalachian Trail runs through the mountains of its northwest corner, a heavily forested swath known as the Pine Barrens fills over 1700 square miles of its southern interior, and two thirds of its eastern border feature beautiful beaches alongside the temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean.Read More