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Welcome to Forever Party: Northeast Reggae at its Finest

As I stepped off the plane in Rochester, NY on December 30, I was greeted by two baggage handlers declaring with a smile, “Welcome to sunny Rochester. Please enjoy our white sandy beaches.” This, of course, was in reference to the snow that had been falling, and would continue to fall well in to next year as the temperature hovered in the single digits.… Read More

Throwback Thursday: Skadanks – Give Thanks

Back in the 90’s, the American reggae scene contained only a fraction of the bands it does today. The majority of touring acts came from either Jamaica or Africa, but there were a handful of American bands throughout the country playing local shows.Read More

Rootfire Mixtape: The Sun Shines Even In Winter – Part 1

Hovering over the stereo, record, play and pause buttons engaged, waiting to unleash the spinning of the tape deck the second that favorite new song starts on the radio. Notepad open to the right as the order of the latest mixtape is charted out, this one guaranteed to prove those tastemaker skills to its unexpecting recipient.Read More

Unity in Music: Fortunate Youth

Perhaps the only thing better than seeing your favorite regional band get big is when they make the epic return to their home state for a major headlining slot. After finishing up the Intergalactic Tour this fall with Iration, Fortunate Youth will be throwing down at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz for NYE with special guests Iya Terra and Animo Cruz – and Rootfire is giving away a pair of tickets to the show.… Read More