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First Listen: The Nextmen vs. Gentleman’s Dub Club – Rudeboy Ft. Gardna

The island nation of Jamaica gave birth to something very special back in the 1970s. But it didn’t take long for immigrants and savy radio DJs to bring this unique gift to the rest of the world. Nowadays there are more takes on reggae music than fingers to count them on, but the distinct flavor brought from the United Kingdom has always held a special place in the history books.Read More

The Local Scene: Denver Reggae Social Club

A lot of attention goes out to the big fish. The headliners, even the regional heroes, attract the attention of local press when they come to town. But for anyone who has lived somewhere with a vibrant local scene of any genre, a lot of times it’s the smaller bands, the side projects, the up-and-comers that bring something truly individual to their scene.… Read More

First Listen: The Movement – Loud Enough

Photo credit: Ashley Kidwell

Fans of The Movement, rejoice! The band drops a new single tomorrow: “Loud Enough.” Technically, it’s not new since the band has been playing it live, but it’s the first time the song has been formally recorded and released.Read More