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Satsang – Pyramid(s)

1. Pyramid(s) feat. Uncle Jo
2. Just a Child
3. Between (feat. Nahko)
4. Here If You Need
5. Getting Old
6. Go Fly (feat. Tim Snider)
7. Beautiful Days
8. Speak Up (feat. Wookiefoot)
9. Lay Me Down
10. Be Love (feat. Tubby Love)
11. Made for This
12. Be Me (feat. Chris Berry)




“Pyramid(s) is a 12-song compilation of catchy lyrics and calls to action.”– Kristy Rose, Top Shelf Reggae

“The tone of these songs, matched with the albums lyrics, can pull out some inner-perspective with music that enables nostalgic-reflections. The are no bad songs on the album and the production is good.” -Mike Patti, The Pier