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Single Showcase: Mihali ft. Wax – “Real Good Day”

Vermont-based singer/songwriter, Mihali, has done it again with this feel-good, uplifting tune. With production from Cisco Adler and indie/hip-hop artist, Wax, featured on the track,  what could possibly go wrong?!

“Real Good Day” pulls the listener in immediately with an extremely inviting guitar intro/solo that sets the tone of the song. Automatically, I’m taken to a peaceful place where it seems it’s going to just get better and better! Anyone who has listened to works of Cisco, Mihali and Wax can appreciate this musical montage of East and West Coast artists. There’s something about the way Cisco Adler touches a song with synths and samples that gives it that distinct California flavor. And the rhymes that Wax throws at the listener can only make you feel…GOOD!

Blending genres with hip hop is as large as it’s ever been and this jam is no different. The arrangement and organization of “Real Good Day” is simple yet effective; very satisfying to the heart and mind. Just before Wax’s verse, they bring back Mihali’s killer guitar riff  to set up the rapper’s turn on the mic. Mihali is an amazing guitarist and musician whose tonality and expression by means of modal playing and theory absolutely elevate his songs to the highest level.

Lyrically, everyone should be able to relate as both Mihali’s and Wax’s lyrics hit home: Take pride in loyalty and growing with one another, making the best of every day, living life to its fullest and loving doing it.

“Real Good Day,” feels like a summertime anthem that has come to lift us up in the midst of winter. It will leave you feeling optimistic about what the future will bring. “When right goes wrong.. it’s still a REAL GOOD DAY!”

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Tim has spent most of his time in Northern Virginia, where he first met Reid Foster and the Rootfire team. Now residing in Colorado after a brief period in San Diego, Tim has been booking and promoting shows for a number of bands across the country for the past seven years. Tim has played guitar for most of his life and always enjoys finding new and old music to explore.

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