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Artist Spotlight: The Bandulus

On a Saturday evening back in late October, I made my way to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn for a much-anticipated reggae show featuring The Bandulus and Uzimon. For those unfamiliar, Uzimon is a Bermuda-born, Brooklyn-based international reggae superstar specializing in dancehall, rub-a-dub and rocksteady known to kill men with lyrical bullets,… Read More

Album Showcase: Pinnacle Sound – “Still Dread”


Pinnacle Sound’s 5th album is in the wake of the previous ones – roots that make you smile” –  these were the words Pinnacle Sound chose to pitch their fifth release, Still Dread.

“Roots that make you smile.” Its simplicity in claim got me grinning, but my experience in listening… Read More

Single Showcase: Mihali ft. Wax – “Real Good Day”

Vermont-based singer/songwriter, Mihali, has done it again with this feel-good, uplifting tune. With production from Cisco Adler and indie/hip-hop artist, Wax, featured on the track,  what could possibly go wrong?!

“Real Good Day” pulls the listener in immediately with an extremely inviting guitar intro/solo that sets the tone of the… Read More