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Album Showcase: Lone Ark meets The 18th Parallel – “Showcase Vol. 1”

Showcase Vol. 1, by Lone Ark meets The 18th Parallel, was released through Fruits Records September 3rd, 2021 on LP, CD, and digital.

Good God. So much history of reggae’s sound and goodness packed into six tunes and their five dub counterparts that it will bounce right back outta your rubber soul at a greater force than which it entered – launching a secret weapon of roots and dub vibration to heal all across the falsely drawn lines of so-called nations.… Read More

Brown Bones – “I Become Light” (A Tribute to Drew Keys)

Shot and directed by Sameel “Samo” Kush-I Johnson, on location in Jamaica, WI. “I Become Light” is a livication to Andrew “Drew Keys” Stoch. May his spirit live on through his music.

Emerging singer songwriter, Brown Bones hits on the nerve of painful losses, peaceful passages, twilight battles and passionate swells on his forthcoming self titled debut album.… Read More

First Listen: JonQuan & Carlton Livingston – “Accidental Badman”

Rootfire · 06 Accidental Badman

The extended lockdown that most of the nation endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic created a serious amount of angst for people. Beyond the tragedy at the heart of the matter, our lives were severely diminished as we had to limit interactions with friends and family, often cancelling meaningful events, celebrations of milestones and other social gatherings that we all enjoy.… Read More

First Watch: The Ellameno Beat – “Jump the Gun”

To make waves within the “surf roots” or modern American reggae scene, up-and-coming artists need to command attention by setting themselves apart from the rest. Popular acts like Stick Figure and Tribal seeds, along with notable bands that have come on strong in recent years like The Movement, Iya Terra, and Kash’d Out, all have a distinct, recognizable sound.… Read More


Music Business Club: Jon & Matt Phillips discussing CLOSER TO THE SUN – 6/17/21.

Jon & Matt Phillips of Silverback & Red Light Management join us for Round 2 of their Music Business Club Happy Hour on Thursday, June 17, 2021 @ 4pmPT/7pmET.… Read More

Rootsland Podcast

Rootsland is a new podcast series presented by Consequence Of Sound, exploring the story of two friends who take a musical and spiritual journey from the suburbs of Long Island to the streets of Kingston, Jamaica. Narrated by Henry “K” Karyo, Rootsland tells musical stories of landscapes that span styles and genres, and transport the listeners to exotic locations.… Read More