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The Black Keys: A Big Record Deal Can Destroy You

Wow. I just watched this. Laughed out loud at 11:34 and wanted to cry at 12:53, thinking about the disparity between an artist who pours their heart and soul into their art, and the kid with a communications degree from Pepperdine who can shelf the project and never let it see the light of day, taking home 6 figures while the artist can’t pay their rent.… Read More

We Are Music

Do you ever wonder why we make music? Why are we drawn to sounds? Why does music make us feel the way it does? I think it’s because at our most basic level, we ARE music. 

I will explain. First though, a quick refresher.… Read More

Rare Record Showcase #2: The Force Of Music – “Freedom Fighters Dub ”

Rootfire’s “Rare Record Showcase” is a new bi-monthly series dedicated to sharing top-quality Jamaican and Jamaican-inspired records of the past, that have heretofore unjustly existed under the radar of all but the most deep-diving music lovers.

For this second edition of the Rootfire “Rare Record Showcase,” I’ve chosen one of my favorite Dub records, the late 70s scorcher entitled The Force Of Music – Freedom Fighters Dub.… Read More

Two On The Mic: Iya Terra (Ticket Giveaway)

Devin Morrison Interviews Nathan Feinstein. 

For our second installment of Two On The Mic, Devin Morrison speaks with Iya Terra founder and frontman Nathan Feinstein. Some years ago Devin’s endorsement of Iya Terra actually played a huge role in getting them some early support tours and looks from other managers and agents in the scene.Read More

Editors Note: Common Misuses of the Terms “Ska” and “Rocksteady”

Recently I was hanging out on tour with my friends Jesse Wagner and Roger Rivas, singer/guitarist and organist respectively of L.A. early-reggae group The Aggrolites. We somehow got onto the subject of past interviews we  had given, and how frequently in the course of these interviews we had encountered what to each of us had stood out as glaring misuses of the terms “Ska” and “Rocksteady.” My Aggro-buddies told me that they had frequently been mis-labeled as a “Ska” band, despite never having performed or recorded a single Ska song.… Read More