Rootfire At The Park – Hurricane Irma Relief Project

Creating relationships with those who are helping others at the ground level is what Rootfire is all about, and will continue to be about. In an effort to directly contribute to Cocoa, FL after damage done by Hurricane Irma, 100% of ticket proceeds from Rootfire At The Park will be donated to relief efforts.Read More

Throwback Thursday: Burning Spear

I was born in 1981, the year Bob Marley died, and alongside my generation, his was THE reggae we knew, if we knew reggae at all in our youth.  Then, along came Sublime’s West Coast influence on music, and we suddenly became a generation whose ears naturally existed both in Jamaica and abroad, enlivened by ears geared to honor the past, while building the present.Read More

First Listen: Ooklah the Moc – Truth & Right

Creativity comes in waves. Often times musicians will ebb and flow, with some of the greatest work coming after a long hiatus from the studio. Hailing from Palolo, Hawaii, Ooklah the Moc has come back around with Every Posse, a fresh release after nearly a decade since their last album drop.Read More