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Album Showcase: James Pasqua – “The Arcadia Sessions: A Dub Experience”

“I’m making an album,” my husband, James, announced one afternoon.

Just days later, he had recorded an album and was sending it out to be mastered by the famous Dubmatix. James was always creating in one way or another, and he’d toyed with the idea of creating a solo album for quite a while.… album-showcase-james-pasqua-the-arcadia-sessions-a-dub-experience/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: Sensamotion – “Life in True Color”

Around the turn of the century, my buddy opened a burrito shop at the end of my block in Montclair, NJ, called One Phunky Burrito Joint. I ate there multiple times a week. The place had snowboards and skateboards fashioned into tables and counters and great tunes always pulsating from the sound system, including a lot of reggae music courtesy of yours truly.… album-showcase-sensamotion-life-in-true-color/" class="read-more">Read More

Album Showcase: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – “Love in Time”

Panda’s first LP since 2016 is an honest to goodness treasure, a collection of eleven sonic gems that should thrill longtime fans and likely bring the band a slew of new ones. Along with the irksome considerations the band endured regarding the business aspect of this release and the numerous considerations that went into the back end creative process, not to be overlooked are the contributions on the front end from six different guest vocalists which elevate this from a great record to an exceptional one.