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Brendan is a writer based out of Tampa Bay, Florida with a true love for the written word, history, and, of course, music. He has been covering the local reggae scene professionally since 2018 when he first began as a contributor to a local Tampa Bay alt weekly. Even before then, Brendan has loved music and writing and dives deep into discographies and tries to discover new music daily. His love for music started when he was young, where his parents would play all different types of music, but it wouldn’t be until later in his teens when he discovered reggae music and this historic legacy it holds.

Album Showcase: Reggaddiction – “Ganja Harvest”

When Rootfire Editor,  Dave Shiffman, came to me with the proposal of reviewing Reggaddiction’s cover album of Neil Young’s Harvest,  something in the universe felt as if it weirdly aligned. Ten minutes before reading his email, I had just listened to a very interesting interview with Neil Young led… Read More

Album Showcase: Lion Heights – “False Reality”

Exploring new music is always an exciting adventure, particularly when it introduces a captivating blend of roots reggae, dub, and rock. Such is the case with Lion Heights out of Austin, Texas, whose recent full-length album, False Reality, presents a stunning representation of their “outlaw reggae” sound.… Read More