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Dave is the author of "The Cosmic Burrito", a tale of two friends who drive across the USA in search of the ultimate burrito. In the past, he has written for various music publications and interviewed a range of artists including Sublime, Everclear, Burning Spear, Big Mountain, Bad Brains, Neal Casal and Lucky Dube. Dave has a deep passion for reggae music, Rasta consciousness and island culture. In reggae circles, he goes by the name "Rootsdude," and he has dubbed his extensive music collection “Rootsdude Sound System.” David plays ice hockey weekly for two recreational teams he founded and manages, Team Rasta and The Wailers.

A Photo is Worth 1000 Songs: The Beauty of Stillness

These photos of a wintery Hanging Lake along the East Fork of Dead Horse Creek outside of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, evoke a feeling of tranquility. The undisturbed snowfall along with the abundance of icicles and reflections in the placid, turquoise water convey a sense of stillness—an aspect… Read More