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SOUNDSYSTEM JAMAICA! (selections from 311’s Master iPod Playlist)

I tracked down the master iPod playlist for the ship and out of the 367 tunes that made up the unceasing soundtrack, I put together three hours of mostly reggae tunes from nearly 50 artists that represented the flavor of the Norwegian Pearl on those four endless nights. Welcome to Part 1 of the 311 iPod playlist from the 2015 Soundsystem Jamaica cruise.

Seth, I want to thank you for the album. I listen for good music everywhere. It’s hard to find. You found it. There is something primal about roots reggae. Every generation connects. And, this album of world-infused, reggae groove is perfect. You’re on the right track with Rootfire. Don

I listen for good music everywhere. It’s hard to find. You found it. There is something primal about roots reggae. Every generation connects. And, this album [Progressive Roots Vol. 001] of world-infused, reggae groove is perfect. You’re on the right track with Rootfire.… Read More

Soul Signal: Beer Bus at The Moon Tower

Coming up the driveway you could tell it was going to be enough of everything. Enough music, enough weed, enough girls, enough good feeling. What happened was all of that and even more. We had the reggae bumping and the girls got curious…. and came out to watch and we played winner stays well into the night with the friendly ferocity that brings out the best kind of invention and athleticism.

Rootfire: Issue #7

Issue #7 turns the page on a new chapter at Rootfire. It was the first time we really asked to hear from you, and the stories you sent in were incredible. The whole thing started with Keenan Donath, who introduced Fortunate Youth's new single "My Love", but it reached new heights with all the amazing messages you sent during our vinyl and concert ticket giveaways.

Rootfire World Premiere: Fortunate Youth “My Love”

While the music of Fortunate Youth is constantly spreading to new audiences due to the band’s rigorous tour schedule, familiar followers will instantly recognize the sound of the new single, which fits right in with all-time favorite tracks like “Sweet Love” and “Love Is The Most High.” This is music to unwind to.

“Always Friends” – Rebelution Ticket Giveaway

Rebelution is playing two SOLD OUT shows this week at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.
You have the opportunity to give one of your friends a pair of tickets to see Rebelution on March 11.

The Rules Are Simple:

Send an email to:

In 3-5 sentences tell us why your buddy should be given the tickets.… Read More

Soul Signal: Regeneration

It reminds me of conversations I’ve had recently with Joshua Swain of The Movement. Roots is just a one drop and a Jamaican accent, but reggae can be anything you want it to be. Or the ongoing conversation I have with Semaj Surreal, who sees reggae as a powerful tonic with which to treat the malarial affliction of global inequality and wake suburban America up out of its complacent unreality.

Apocalypse Dreams: Satan, Rasta, and the Islamic State

I was raised anxious about the end of days. The fear was never instilled by my parents, or any religion. I was never formally warned of the Four Horseman or anything.  Instead, it seeped surreptitiously into my awareness, drawing from a peripheral swirl of stories, songs, and an imaginative media, whose tales drew me to the television each afternoon of my schooldays.  … Read More

Live Series: The Green – Drum and Bass Line (Aswad cover)

Patrick H. and his wife Susan are serious supporters of live reggae music, especially throughout the state of Colorado. As a longtime contributor to the taper community, Patrick can be found at reggae concerts in venues like Fox Theatre, Cervantes, and The Gothic, planted near FOH with his recording gear.… Read More