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“That looks like a Banksy.”

As both an art nerd and reggae musician, two phrases I hear quite regularly are “That looks like a Banksy” and “This sounds like Bob Marley.”

Bob Marley and Banksy each started worldwide movements, and to each of their credit are considered “the standard.” Their similarities are worth a deeper look; lets start with Banksy.Read More

GPGDS Poster/Ticket Giveaway

In honor of tonight’s premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad‘s Jedi-inspired New Year’s Eve concert, we are doing an Autographed Poster / Ticket giveaway. The rules are simple:

#1 Take a photo inspired by Star Wars

#2 Post your photo and tag it with #rootfire or email it to

If you do not live near Rochester, NY, and you win- we will mail you the poster.… Read More

Rootfire World Premiere: Stick Figure “In This Love”

Stick Figure is the project of Santa Cruz, California-based producer Scott Woodruff. Lumped into a genre dominated by Reggae-Rock bands, Woodruff earned worldwide acclaim by incorporating lower tempo chillout music with elements of Jamaican dub and reggae.

Noted through his restrained vocals, multi-layered arrangements, and heavy riddims, Woodruff independently released four albums between 2006 – 2010 including The Sound Of My Addiction (2006), Burnin’ Ocean (2008), Smoke Stack (2009), and The Reprise Sessions (2010), each winning numerous year end awards and praise from the scene’s most influential blogs and tastemakers.… Read More

Sugarshack Sessions | The Green “Something About It”

South Florida-based Sugarshack Sessions launched in early 2014 on the back of a 6 second video trailer that promised “A raw, creative, acoustic experience captured in full hd video and high quality mixed and mastered sound.” In less than two years they have produced nearly 100 [HIGH QUALITY] videos, many of which place heavy emphasis on American reggae; including artists like The Movement, The Expanders, New Kingston, Tatanka, Arise Roots, and Sol Seed.… Read More

GPGDS New Video + Fall Tour

This is a tour NOT to be missed by any Panda fan or live music fan in general. The Simpkin Project is one of our very favorite bands ever. We have been preaching about them for the past 10 years to all of you people. This is their FIRST EAST COAST TOUR! To make it even more special, Chris and James will be supplying the drum and bass! We are humbled to play some of our favorite songs ever with the band that wrote them. It is beautiful music that we are excited to share with friends, family, and fans.