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Living the Good Life: Collie Buddz 2018

In our current time, being a functioning, present act takes a meticulous attention to a wide spectrum of details. Modern studio production, a tight engaging live show, sharp branding, and a prolific frontman are a good start, but the bottom line is quality. Exceptional songs, and an even higher level of execution, is the bar that needs exceeding for success this day and age. That being said, take a step back and the timeless reality of any era is good songs. Relatable lyrics, melodic hooks; whatever it takes, the music has to catch.

I’m sure I’m not alone, but when I first heard Collie Buddz’ debut self-title, and in particular the breakout titan “Come Around,” I was hooked. The entire album screams validity. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that I am also not the only person that gave a head turn when I learned that Collie Buddz is white; a great testament to the colorless/colorful reggae culture that prevails in Bermuda.  

A Phone Call with Joshua Swain of the Movement

Here’s what’s more impressive than great albums and high-energy live shows: direct connection between artist and fans. I was blown away to see the long line of diehards that formed post Collie’s set at Rootfire At The Park 2016, all of whom were met by an authentically appreciative reggae star. After 45 minutes of fan-relations, Collie dipped out for ten to fifteen to make a surprise guest appearance with The Movement, singing their feature collaboration Habit 2016 from the Billboard chart-topping Golden, released last year on the Rootfire Cooperative. The look on The Movement’s frontman Joshua Swain’s face when Collie snuck up behind him to sing his verse was priceless. Post guest-spot, Collie was right back shaking hands, signing autographs and forging connection.

Rootfire works hard to bring the impact of top-tier artist like Collie Buddz to enthusiasts, both new and old. Embrace the opportunity to see quality live music and enter to win a pair of tickets to the 2018 Collie Buddz tour stop of your choosing below. And in the meantime, check out Collie Buddz’ #1 Billboard Reggae chart 2017 release Good Life and ring in the New Year with some island style.

Collie Buddz Good Life tour 2018

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Brian Nelson a.k.a. Red Ninja is passionate about making music, making friends, experiencing life and living to tell the tale. Whether dropping heavy dub beats, cruising untouched Rocky Mountain powder, or talking shop about the music biz, Nelson’s approach is pure ninja.

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