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Full time Dad, drummer in GPGDS, and art nerd. Love Star Wars and Coffee way too much as well.

Family Style

Faith47, her son, now known as Jack Fox, and I sat together on a sidewalk in Rochester, NY. About to paint his first wall ever, Faith and him were flipping through sketchbooks, each pointing out characters and patterns they thought would go well with the wall.… Read More

Art and A Simple Song

It doesn’t always have to be mind-bending and complex. Some of the biggest songs are simple melodies with a catchy lyric.

André 3000 wrote and produced 2003’s smash hit “Hey Ya!“, using no more than two words for the chorus- Hey and Ya.… Read More

Get That Paper

The wait was over. Phish’s 2010/11 three-night run at Madison Square Garden. The anticipation of NYE is built into our DNA. Magnify that by the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of fans, inside one of the world’s most iconic indoor arenas, and the experience is surreal.… Read More

A Call To Adventure

Legendary New York City street art duo Patrick and Patrick (also known as FAILE), created one of my favorite prints, a piece titled ‘A Call To Adventure’. A large format, 18-color screen print, with decked edges , laid on top of fancy art paper (100% cotton coventry rag archival… Read More