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Having written as a music journalist for 15 years, Jeremy comes to Rootfire excited to write about the ever-growing Reggae communities of the world. Having managed various bands, worked with a number of music festivals, and with an ongoing passion for a broad range of music genres, the excitement to spread passionate music to passionate listeners is strong.

Throwback Thursday: Burning Spear

I was born in 1981, the year Bob Marley died, and alongside my generation, his was THE reggae we knew, if we knew reggae at all in our youth.  Then, along came Sublime’s West Coast influence on music, and we suddenly became a generation whose ears naturally… Read More

Horace Andy – Straight to Hell

“Straight to Hell” is a track originally born of some of the world’s great angsts, as seen through the lens of The Clash, in 1982. Dealing with social issues that still ring as relevant today (from labor injustices to immigration concerns), The Clash released a song with… Read More

Christos DC – Speak The Fire


Christos DC (Chris Vrenios), a Greek-American, is a Washington, DC-based artist/producer/touring musician whose humble force has been influential in shaping the DC reggae scene and beyond. His own recordings, paired with the recordings he has shouldered through his own Honest Music DC label, for some of the most well-known… Read More

Queen Ifrica – Climb

Queen Ifrica is a Montego Bay, Jamaica native, known for lyrical content that is dense with social commentary. Her latest album, Climb, is no different in that regard. From issues of government oppression to tracks that call for young women to be resilient in themselves, rather than existing as consumers… Read More