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Rootfire World Premiere: The Expanders “People Business”

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“People Business” is from The Expanders new album Hustling Culture which comes out June 16, 2015 on Easy Star Records.

“People Business” is a throwback tune to one of my favorite subjects in Jamaican music, the “warning to all chattymouth people!” It’s about people who love to gossip and spread rumors, and those who seem to get their greatest joy in life from creating drama.
– Devin Morrison, The Expanders

Mixed by Steve Kaye and The Expanders at SunKing Studios
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters
Cover art by Colin Ambulance

♫ Lyrics:

People business trouble you too much
What your eyes see, what your ears hear, can be different
When one is down I know another man is up
What trouble you no trouble me no way, remember I say

So listen how the old man say to you
The best thing is to know
But you’re bad minded, talkative, and dangerous
You too red-eye, you hold memories and feelings
I say you should take time, sometimes, and watch yourself
You check for everybody else

Listen how the old man say to you
You’re likkle and you do not know

So people business trouble you too much, lord I say
What your eyes see and your ears hear can be different, very different
When one is down I know another man is up, you should a know by now
What trouble you no trouble me no way, remember I say

As far I can see you’re dangerous
All the days of life you’re dangerous
In the bright sun light you’re dangerous
And in the middle of the night you are dangerous

PRE-ORDER Hustling Culture:  iTunes | Vinyl | CD

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* “People Business” is an exclusive Rootfire World Premiere.

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