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Cali Roots 2015. A Poem

Some say it takes a village; I agree. Everyone in a community has a role and when we practice that role to the best of our abilities great things happen. Fortunately my role at Cali Roots 2015 was to document the overall experience and preserve it through the photos I took. I’m a firm believer in the power of photography to tell stories and how those stories can induce a feeling within ourselves. After going over thousands of images I compiled my top 20 shots to share with you and wrote a poem inspired by all the images. I hope you enjoy. – Josué

This is a movement,
Joy and passion,



Legends arriving,
Stop and watch them,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-3This is for the youth,
Generations to come,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-4Musical medicine,
Raw power of one,

Free your vibrations,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-6Let the G within speak to all nations,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-7Thank those who feeds us,
We all have a role,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-8Fill the bowl with good intentions,
Tribal Seeds is bringing the flow,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-9Park your car where you are supposed to,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-10Take sometime to relax and feel,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-11Close your eyes,
Envision the love and heal,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-12Open up to new sounds,
Music from all around the globe,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-13Show your skills and rejoice,

Who is behind a voice,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-15Bless the stage with your beautiful light,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-16Join the feast and get in line,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-17Dancing makes everything better,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-18On stage everything is fine,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-19Meditate on the experience,

cali_roots_rootfire_recap-20We are part of something special at last.

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