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Vibrações & Clinton Fearon meets Lucas Kastrup – Reggae Juntinho

The single “Reggae Juntinho” celebrates an incredible musical partnership. The band Vibrações from Brazil joins the legendary Jamaican Clinton Fearon, one of the founding members of The Gladiators and Lucas Kastrup, drummer for Ponto de Equilíbrio.

Kastrup’s original composition made a trip to Seattle and Maceió, cities where Clinton Fearon and Luiz de Assis, lead singer of Vibrações respectively live. The track carries message, essence and originality, translating into music a perfect synergy.

“We know that the people we live with, those who are always by our side, bring us great happiness. However, we often waste precious time looking for something that is far from reality. This is one of the messages in the lyrics, which I already consider one of my most special works. The music came to me at home, singing in the company of my children.”, says Kastrup, who is also a composer of great break-even classics by Ponto de Equilíbrio, such as “NovoDia”, “Santa Kaya”, and “Árvore do Reggae”.

Luiz de Assis performed “Reggae Juntinho” in style with Clinton Fearon (who also contributed to the lyrics and backing vocals), with instrumentals from Vibrações, this time with Lucas Kastrup on drums and hand-drum.

The mixing and mastering was done by Thiago JahBass and the international link was done by Rafael Costa, a Brazilian artistic producer who has collaborated with Lucas, Ponto de Equilíbrio and Vibrações on other occasions. The single cover design is by renowned artist Marcelo Ment.

Enjoy this music bridge between cultures and generations today!

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