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Surfer Girl – “Little Green Eyes”

Surfer Girl is the new project from Aer frontman Carter Shultz. While Shultz has spent his time away from the group establishing a solo career under the name Carter Reeves, his new project, Surfer Girl, is a return home to his more Reggae/Hip Hop roots.

For the second single off the upcoming self titled EP, Surfer Girl delivers the new track ‘Little Green Eyes‘. While the first single, ‘Hero’, was a politically charged banger, this new track chills things out a little, providing nothing but feel good vibes. The song is about that experience you can have when you’re developing feelings for someone, where the whole rest of the world disappears and all you can focus on is them. It’s the type of track that can be played on a daytime car ride, at a sunset BBQ, or at a late night kickback, but it will always sound better with that special someone sitting right next to you.

The Surfer Girl EP is being released via Oakland, CA based independent record label Ineffable Records and is due out in 2021.

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