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Nattali Rize feat. Kumar – “Indestructible”

Nattali Rize & Kumar join forces for this exciting new installment from Rize, “Indestructible.” She has enlisted the talents of French Production squad 4 Examples, GRAMMY winning mix engineer James ‘Bonzai’ Caruso, and the musical genius that is Kumar to bring us the next taste from her highly anticipated forthcoming album Worldwide Rebellion.

“Indestructible has become a favourite song from my new album, it captures a very real and relevant feeling for me as a musician right now. Despite our entire Music economy being turned upside down, MUSIC still lives and creates doorways and pathways to continue the Mission & Message, no matter what.. Creativity, Art and Music remain Indestructible.” -Nattali Rize

The track comes hot off the heels of Nattali & Kumars successful global planting & self sustainability campaign to raise funds for Kumar’s mother’s prep school in rural St Elizabeth, Jamaica. The pair were successful in raising enough funds to build a new outdoor multi purpose structure that allows the school to remain open and the 300 students to continue to attend school during the Covid restriction period.

“It’s great to be a part of a strong world wide community pushing the one love is action agenda… together we are stronger and together we become indestructible just like life energy that cannot be destroyed. The music reflects the time and affects the minds so join us as we stay positive and continue to build stronger relationships in our worldwide community.” -Kumar

Making Music and building comeUnity is something both Nattali & Kumar hold firm to throughout their works, this exciting new song brings together these potent and important ambassadors of One Love In Action and reinstates the simple yet vital Truth that UNITY IS POWER! And MUSIC is INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Released via Ineffable Records.

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