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#TheBeautifulGame and #TheUglyGame

Everyone, listen……Last week, Jonathan Tehau scored a goal for Tahiti.
It does not matter how many goals Tahiti conceded, it only matters that they appeared and scored.

As we enter the second week of the 2013 Confederations Cup, the civil unrest in Brazil has surpassed the events on the pitch.… Read More

Feel it in the One-Drop

“Feel it in the One-drop”   -Bob Marley  

Somewhere in a conversation recently I said to Seth, “I am so happy that our lives revolve around the one-drop”.  I was listening to the Rootfire 004 mix tape and loving how all of the tunes were historically linked to some other part of reggae history that has influenced my life. … Read More

Reggae Tuesday (About)

What better way to spend a tuesday than by celebrating the proliferation of reggae music! Each week over the summer we will be releasing homegrown original rootfire literature for the engaged reggae reader.  While we here at Rootfire recommend daily reggae ingestion of multiple forms, we look forward to the weekly head hang  as we  meditate about our life around the one-drop.… Read More

#TheBeautifulGame / Arthur Verocai

Last week my good friend Seth Herman – Rootfire Kung-Fu Master – asked me if I would like to contribute a weekly Futbol and Music column for the Rootfire Summer Camp Blog. Heck Yes, I Said! I am thrilled in being asked to contribute to the Rootfire Fellowship, and am very excited to write about my two favorite things on Earth: Music and Futbol.… Read More


Every Monday Evil Vince comes at you direct from Chicago with his schedule of must-see Futbol Matches. Roots Music will be discussed as well, providing a soundtrack accompaniment for #TheBeautifulGame.

The series is part of Rootfire Summer Camp and kicks of Monday June 17, 2013.… Read More

CD-Redistribution Network

How it works:

Artists are proud of their music and hope that people hear it. The musician, manager, publicist, or fan may walk up to another artist, tap them on the shoulder and say “This is my friends band, you have to check it out, it sounds like you guys mixed with XXX, but with a little more reverb”.… Read More

ROOTFIRE MIXTAPE 004 – The Road To California

Rootfire 004 – The Road To California (Mixed by Alific) by Rootfire on Mixcloud

Mixtape 004 – The Road To California curated and mixed by Alific

(0:00) The Beautiful Girls – Weight Of The World iTunes
(0:13) Seeed – Wonderful Life iTunes
(3:35) Led Zeppelin – Going To California iTunes
(3:30) Nightmares On Wax – 70’s-80’s iTunes
(8:59) Saadi – Below The Waist iTunes
(10:46) Bushman – N2 *Unreleased iTunes
(14:11) John Brown’s Body – Old John Brown iTunes
(19:29) 10 Ft.Read More

Warped Tour photos from Taylor Miller

“The reggae/rock genre has been encouraging of my [photography] efforts, and my level of comfort with many bands has reached the point where I consider many my big brothers. My time with them has enabled me to build a hearty

Taylor Miller

photography portfolio, which has led to other artistic opportunities including a spot on the Warped Tour (2011-2013)”.  … Read More