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Parties. Pioneers. Pepper. *Start You Up (feature)

I close my eyes and I’m there, on tour with one of the bands that helped start this whole thing. Three guys pumping power and life into thousands of moving bodies. Swarms of beautiful girls swaying. I always dreamed of life on the road. Sweat. Summer. Sex.

My mind flashes. The Green takes the stage. These harmonies are mind-bending. The beat- hypnotic, pulsing. I’m so lucky to be part of this magic.

I open my eyes and head tilted back, I soak up Pepper‘s new single, “Start You Up” (The Green Version). I finally get my fix. Pepper’s 2013 self-titled album kept me pushing forward and since then I’ve been waiting for someone to take me back. I had been out of the game for two years when I was reintroduced to the scene by two of Hawaii’s biggest powerhouses.

Pepper and The Green made me remember why I do what I do. I had forgotten the sound of laughter in a green room- what it’s like to travel the country with close friends. They taught me how to tour again.IMG_6293

My gratitude is palpable as I groove to this track. Pepper has teamed up with The Green’s Brad Watanabe to create something crisp and fresh, new yet familiar. Something indescribably and uniquely Pepper, with a twist of Green. It gets dirty, flowing through ambiance and dub, before being wiped clean and polished with a shine. Perhaps that’s just what comes from putting these two together.

Brad welcomed the collab: “It was awesome to do this remix, I grew up listening to and jamming songs off Kona Town and always looked up to these guys.”

As did I, as did all of my friends. Thanks for taking me back. Thanks for the memories of a time when I only dreamed of this life, and of a time when I was brought back to life through this music. Thanks for giving me something to dance to till next tour. I’ll meet you at the next party. Catch ya on the road.

Release Date: January 29, 2016
Label: Law Records

“Start You Up”: iTunes

The Green:

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Columbia, South Carolina's Joshua Swain is the lead singer and songwriter for the reggae-rock group The Movement.

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