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Rootfire World Premiere: Mantra Sessions “Existence Dub”

Mantra Sessions: A Fractalization

Recorded sound is the first step to time travel. Recording technology is the time machine. Modern magic. We have a new opportunity as humans to experience this busy time in history as a sonic reflection. Recording artists have a new niche: the sonic curation of international expression.

Mantra Sessions is an experience into the fractalization of the sonically possible. Dive into this music, its story, and your mind will flash brightly.

A history of Swedish musicians. Their travels to India. An absorption of foreign simplicity. A new creation from ancient materials. The recycling of musical friendships over decades. The power of dub to forever recreate. It’s all here. The Mantra Sessions will be something to study. An aid to the ancient practice of finding focus through letting go.

Mantra Sessions was created by Bosse Skoglund and Zilverzurf. I knew nothing of these men and their project before I was asked by Rootfire to learn. What a beautiful education. They represent drum and bass of Sweden. Not the musical genre, but the actual players of the instruments. Mantra Sessions will be released in 2016 as Bosse Skoglund celebrates his 80th birthday. Everything about this story is intriguing. A global experience that, as a musician, I hope to have myself one day.

I put on my headphones. I know music, and now I know Zilverzurf and Bosse Skoglund. Strip away the particulars; Mantra Sessions is a jam. It took place over time. Possibly millennia. Yet it couldn’t exist in this way until today. Mantra Sessions will be remembered as a preservation of this beautiful synergy technology has granted artists access to.

I couldn’t think of a project more fitting to accompany one in the art of life. Be it yoga, drinking tea, smoking herbs, cooking breakfast, making babies, or letting your mind gently drift, Mantra Sessions will guide.

Now is the time for you to listen.

Release Date: January 29, 2016

Label: Diesel Music

Distribution: Playground Music 

* “Existence Dub” is an exclusive Rootfire World Premiere.

Bosse and Zilverzurf

Photo: Bosse and Zilverzurf


Drums, bass & mantras recorded 1-2 august 2014 by Bosse Skoglund
at Bosse’s house, Ekerö, Sweden.
Additional overdubs recorded during autumn 2014 and winter 2015,
by Bosse Skoglund at his house, and by Zilverzurf at Casa Carma, Portugal. The Yatra Children recorded 2012 at Yatra Arts Foundation, Kuilapalayam, India, by Johan Zachrisson.
The harmonica of Peps recorded at Perssons Studio, Skåne, Sweden. Mixed in march 2015 by Jonahgold & Zilverzurf, using the ZurfMobile at Casa Carma, Portugal.
Revisited and approved by Bosse Skoglund june 2015.
Dubmixes strictly mixed by Jonahgold.
Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP Recording, Stockholm, Sweden. Photos, illustrations & hand writing: Kärsti Stiege

Graphic design: Marcus Palmquist

All songs written by Skoglund/Zilverzurf
Dubversions by Skoglund/Zilverzurf/Jonahgold Published by Playground Music Publishing AB ©2015 except ”Reason for Existence (Gayatri Mantra) and Existence dub, music by Nandu Honap, Copyright Control

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Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.

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