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First Watch: Taj Weekes & Adowa – Vibe Up

Musician. Poet. Humanitarian. These three word begin to paint a picture of roots artist Taj Weekes, whose latest release To All My Relations is due out October 12. Weekes and his backing band Adowa have been releasing conscious-forward reggae music since the early ’00s and this latest release stays true to that blueprint, offering a songwriter steeped in the ability to present a message to the masses. Today, Rootfire premieres the music video for “Vibe Up,” a call-to-resist anthem suitable in this time of social unrest.

Shot with the colorful aesthetic of St. Lucia as a background, the video accompaniment for “Vibe Up” compliments the roots heavy message of this first single, presenting a look into the Caribbean foundation of reggae music as visual cues of the lyrics drive home the weight of Weekes’ lyrical prowess. Interlaced within this island backdrop are clips of live footage, helping to bring the energy of the Adowa concert experience to the viewer.

But when it comes to Taj Weekes, actions speak just as loud as words; songwriting is just one outlet for change of consciousness presented by this talented artist. Backing up his community-first message, Weekes offers outreach work to the youth of the Caribbean via They Often Cry Outreach, or TOCO. With an emphasis on sports, health and enrichment programming, TOCO gives back by helping to improve the day-to-day quality of life for Caribbean children.

Integrity and conviction define the sharpness with which Taj Weekes sculpts his musical compositions. “Vibe Up” gives us a concrete stance against affliction, with a backbone that declares:

We will stand and fight
We’re no paper lions
We will stand for right
Or die triumphant

Taj Weekes & Adowa’s latest release To All My Relations will be available October 12 via all major outlets. Pre-order your copy today.

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