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First Watch Video Premiere: DMac Burns – “Night”

When you enter the captivating world of DMac Burns‘ soundscape, you embark on a mesmerizing journey that defies the confines of traditional genres. With every note and melody, he creates a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and ventures into an uncharted sound repository. His latest EP, The Longest Night, effortlessly weaves in touches of indie, R&B, and reggae. Shaped by the hustle of the Bronx and smoothed out by the lush countryside of West Cork, Ireland, DMac Burns creates a delectable and savory flavor of music that tantalizes the senses, leaving every listener craving more.

His latest video for the track titled “Night,” featuring vocal collaboration from New York’s very own Sewell, is no exception to this recipe.  It features a reggae-rich riddim that kicks off with thunderous bass and kick drum before DMac comes in with a sultry voice to pair with a subtle guitar skank. Once the snare pops, the song erupts into an array of wild instrumentation that surrounds the ear with a kaleidoscope of vibrant sounds.

DMac states that the melody and tune of “Night” came to him in a dream and he captured it shortly after waking. The video complements this by inserting split-second flashes of cash that represent a “reflection on a journey into the shadow of money.” This ultimately begs DMac’s question of what valuable lessons can we glean from a constant hustle? Does it lead us to new discoveries, or does it inevitably leave us with an insatiable void within?

These themes stain the frame, explicitly showing the negative effects of chasing the hustle as DMac strolls down a New York avenue and confesses to the viewer. Meanwhile, the steady flow of the song creates a melodic current that carries the weight of his heartfelt revelations. Upon Sewell’s entrance in the second verse, the song melts into a beautiful one-woman choir that implores to leave the hustle behind. Once Sewell’s angelic voice leaves the soundscape, the tempo of the guitar and bass frantically quicken, almost like a paranoid scream that brews in the back of the brain.

The song climaxes with a crashing crescendo of DMac’s powerful vocal delivery before easing back into the enchanting swell of the reggae riddim. The song is a musical journey that grips the soul and takes it on a thrill-ride of emotions. As the last note reverberates into the air leaving behind the echoes of rumbling bass and DMac’s fading voice,the listener is left spellbound and buzzing.

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Brendan is a writer based out of Tampa Bay, Florida with a true love for the written word, history, and, of course, music. He has been covering the local reggae scene professionally since 2018 when he first began as a contributor to a local Tampa Bay alt weekly. Even before then, Brendan has loved music and writing and dives deep into discographies and tries to discover new music daily. His love for music started when he was young, where his parents would play all different types of music, but it wouldn’t be until later in his teens when he discovered reggae music and this historic legacy it holds.

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