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First Listen: Artikal Sound System – Come On Over

The lead vocals of Logan Rex immediately hook the listener on the latest single from Artikal Sound System, “Come On Over.” Sparse guitar and keys tastefully backup this intro verse before the full band drops the riddim on this energetic new track from their upcoming album Time, available December 7. This feel-good lovers rocker is guaranteed to get the couples moving on the dance floor—and everyone else for that matter. Catchy melodies float above a foundation laid solidly by a band that knows how to sit back, play tight and let the vocals shine.

Time marks the fifth offering from Artikal, an outfit that has weaved together a variety of island tones for years, emphasizing American, Hispanic and Jamaican feels within their expanding reggae sound. A product of the South Florida music scene, the sextet presents us with a clean and polished sound on their latest release, but one that still comes across as sincere and full of life. Artikal Sound System is primed and ready to take their sunshine state of mind to the masses with this latest dose of high-vibes lovers reggae. The invitation is open, enticing the listener to come on over, the party’s just begun.

Artikal Sound System’s upcoming album Time will be available December 7 – check out their latest single “Come On Over” today.

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