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First Listen: Pressure Busspipe featuring Redman – “Rebel with a Cause”

I’ve been a fan of Pressure since the first time I heard him on the tune “Jah In Dem,” a collaboration with Vaughn Benjamin (Midnite/Akae Beka) from the 2003 Midnite Branch-I album Geoman. Shortly after, I saw him perform live at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (2005 I believe?) and his excellent performance fully solidified him to me as one of my favorite new artists. His debut album The Pressure Is On had been out for a while by the time of his SNWMF performance, as well as some tunes he had recorded with Bambú Station, and I was excited to sing along to the tracks that had become heavy hitters in my daily rotation, including “No Limitation,” “Zion Is Home,” and “My Powaz.” I often think back fondly to the special energy of that show.

Since then I have always looked forward to new Pressure music with eager anticipation. No surprise therefore that today I am thrilled for Rootfire to premiere the new Pressure Busspipe tune “Rebel With A Cause” featuring Redman, the title track from his forthcoming album out November 8 on I-Grade Records.

The track was produced by Zion I Kings – Tippy I, Teflon (Zincfence), Moon, JAH David & Drew Keys.

About the song and his experience working with Redman, Pressure had this to say:

“I wanted to boast up a little, as far as how Rastaman step and flex on certain things. To kind of give it a different energy. It was natural to feature Redman. The track itself has a hip-hop kind of funky vibes. At the time, I was working with Redman on [his single] “Black Man in America” and the vibes took me to say, “Let me see what he would do with this one… 

As a youth, we listened to Redman and Method Man — that is the school of hip-hop I grew up listening to. So, for him to reach out to me, it was nothing less than an honor.”

New Pressure Busspipe music is always a reason for celebration. Be sure to check out the new single through the soundcloud link above, grab your copy when it hits tomorrow, and clear your schedule for November 8 when the full album drops; it’s unlikely any other commitments will compel you to take your headphones off once you hit play.

Rebel With A Cause comes out November 8 on I-Grade Records. Get your copy at

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Devin spent almost 20 years as singer and songwriter for L.A. based roots-reggae band The Expanders. During that time he helped write/record/release 4 records, backed numerous veteran Jamaican artists at performances throughout California, and toured across the U.S. and Europe. He is also an experienced record selector and collector of Jamaican vinyl. Devin now splits his time between recording/performing solo acoustic reggae, playing guitar for veteran SoCal groups Long Beach Dub Allstars, The Lions, and Hepcat, and editing reggae news for You can follow him at @manlikedevin

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