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Album Showcase: Lion Heights – “False Reality”

Exploring new music is always an exciting adventure, particularly when it introduces a captivating blend of roots reggae, dub, and rock. Such is the case with Lion Heights out of Austin, Texas, whose recent full-length album, False Reality, presents a stunning representation of their “outlaw reggae” sound.… Read More

Unsung Heroes: Mark Ackles

Based out of the Myrtle Beach area, this next artist we had the privilege to interview is a keyboard player extraordinaire who has left his mark in multiple genres. Mark Ackles has been a long-time player in the reggae music scene and has played with many of the greats, touring… Read More

Unsung Heroes: Vincent “Biggs” James

When I think of this next bredren we had the privilege to interview, I think of warm keyboard sounds and music that stirs your spirit. Vincent “Biggs” James is a legendary reggae player who has inspired many with his commitment to quality while keeping the music alive and real… Read More