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Album Showcase: Bobby Hustle – “Proof of Concept”

California Roots Festival in Monterey, CA, is one of the highlights of the year for many reggae fans, including myself. Beyond the opportunity to experience numerous top shelf acts as well as exciting up-and-coming artists over the span of a jovial long weekend, the event provides the chance to… Read More

Unsung Heroes: Kalani Kulcha

Back in the early 80s, reggae was really starting to take root in America, and one of the hot spots for it was Southern California. This next artist we had the privilege to interview, Kalani Kulcha, hails from San Diego, and grew up watching his uncle play bass… Read More

Album Showcase: Alborosie – “Destiny”

The night before Alborosie graced the stage at Cali Roots 2023, unleashing a mammoth performance, the legendary roots reggae rocker unveiled his long-awaited album Destiny. This album boasts not only an incredible amount of energy from the man himself but also from an all-star cast of collaborators such as… Read More