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Rootfire Single Showcase: FeelFree – “Overdue”

One incredible thing about music is finding healing and comfort in songs that are relatable. Especially when it comes to heartbreak. Ending a relationship that you were once so incredibly sure of is far from easy. Listen to FeelFree’s single premiering today on Rootfire, titled “Overdue,” and you will be reassured that you’re not alone in the confusing and overwhelming emotions that come with breakups, as well as the grief that follows.

“Overdue,” the latest single from FeelFree’s upcoming 4th album, is about breaking up and not always finding the closure you want or need. It’s also about regrets and the “what ifs.” Garrett Clausen, who wrote and sang lead vocals on the track, explains the motivation behind the lyrics: “The song was inspired by the end days of a relationship, and the feelings that came up right after we ended things. We had gone through some long distance which had taken its toll on our communication – and I felt like there was a lot left unsaid. I found a guitar part and vocal melody that I’d recorded years ago in my iPhone voice memos and started writing – the lyrics came pretty quickly.”


The beautifully constructed lyrics of “Overdue” speak a difficult truth and will more than likely cause some emotion to stir as you listen. The track is balanced so well with a soft, easy-going sound between the keyboard, bass, trumpet, and trombone, that the emotions won’t fully overtake you.

Things haven’t been going our way

It’s hard to find the right words to say

So much ambiguity, ain’t what we used to be


Let’s be brutally honest. Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows. You know that feeling of recognizing that ending the relationship is what’s for the best, but you also know how incredibly difficult it’s going to be to go through the process? FeelFree knows the feeling, too.


When we’re together we still feel miles apart,

Like we’re trying to find some light in the dark

Will we better off just movin’ on? Will we be

Happier when the music’s gone?


“Overdue,” the single, dropped today, joining four previously released singles to form the Overdue EP. These songs will be joined by future releases to form the band’s 4th full-length album with a due date yet to be determined.

FeelFree was officially formed in 2010, but Evan Hulehan & Andrew Pfeiffer have been playing music together since their middle school days in 2004, almost 20 years. Garrett joined and has been playing with them for 13 years. The guys are heavily influenced by SOJA and Slightly Stoopid. Andrew reminisced about SOJA being from their area in and around Washington DC, so watching them perform live all of the time planted the seed of reggae. However, FeelFree doesn’t have a glass ceiling on their sound. Andrew shares, “Our music falls somewhere at the crosswords of easy-listening, feel-good, and dance music that blends genres like reggae, rock, funk, and jazz.”

The guys of FeelFree hold quite a bit of talent between them. Evan and Garrett are both producers who compose their songs with drum loops, bass, guitars, and keys. Once a song is composed, it’s then that the vocal melodies/lyrics are written over the track. Andrew notes, “Sometimes a song will come together more collaboratively with each member contributing a part of the song.” A perfect example of this is a song they wrote during the pandemic titled “Sunday Slow.”

FeelFree wants their music to make you feel exactly that – free. They want to reach as many people as possible, reggae music lovers and others. Stay tuned for a release date of their fourth album because you won’t want to miss it!


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Brooke Ashley is from Central California. She has a tremendous passion for writing and reggae music. When she isn’t working her full-time, part-time, and side jobs, you can find her in nature. She enjoys hiking, the solace of the earth, and the beauty in the silence. She is a mom of three children and advocates for Mental Health Awareness through reggae music. She knows how reggae music and the community have literally saved her life. She wants to spread that feeling of belonging and acceptance throughout the world.

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