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Miami to Upstate: Uma Galera at GPGDS’ Party in the Park

Uma Galera is representing a sound not heard much in American reggae. They are able to combine a multitude of tempos, sounds, and languages into one fluid mix. They remind me of a hero of mine from early on, Manu Chao. Of course this sound is easily found on the biggest roots reggae loving continent in the world: South America.

Uma Galera was introduced to me by the festival of festivals that always finds me my favorite music that I have never heard: Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival. Panda met Uma in Shakori Hills, became acquainted in Miami, and bonded in solidarity in Trumansburg, NY. It is our great pleasure and excitement to be bringing them to our home town of Rochester for our biggest concert of the year, Party in the Park, taking place on July 5 in Martin Luther King Jr. Park—to be followed by an after party at Flour City Station featuring Uma Galera, our favorite local selecta Warrior Sounds, and a showing of World Power with a collaborative jam at the end of the night.

In Uma Galera’s own words:

Miami is a city that represents and empowers diversity of cultures from all over the world; its music is no exception. With members from all parts of the world, Uma Galera is a direct embodiment of sound that encompasses and blends an Afro Caribbean, latin-flavored, funky reggae ska fusion together in a way that unites people from all walks of life into one harmonious and energetic moment. Uma Galera translates into “one crowd or the crowd”, and that’s what you feel when you attend a show. With a genuine pride for where each member came from, and an acceptance of life’s many cultures, Uma Galera symbolizes world music, and is a catalyst for the advancement of it throughout the world, merging to one with all crowds.

If you don’t know Uma, check the music and videos. Energy and singalongs for days. Low down rub a dub and cumbia mixed with some skydiving. We love them. Share the video. Check the playlist. A new album from them, Viva America, is expected in September. Help us give them a warm welcome to the North!

Uma Galera will be appearing at Party in the Park July 5 in Rochester, NY. Keep an eye out for their upcoming release Viva America, expected in September.

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Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.