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Hot Fire/Cool Love: Unified Highway – My Only (feat. Busy Signal)

Simple music is best. Timeless melodies are used to sooth.

But we still want that beat to drop, RIGGHT?! Busy Signal, possibly presently Jamaica’s finest, supplies hot fire to this cooling love anthem. Coming from the future of epic team ups, Eric Rachmany and Amp Live are dropping the new pop classics on their collaborative album Unified Highway. Eric is a folk singer. Make no doubt about it. His voice and musical demeanor would calmly collect hearts and souls past, present, and future. Back his melodies with any style and it’s insta-classic. He’s the man who wrote the chorus, “Feeling good, feeling alright, yeah,” and made it fresh. Eric is the Paul Simon of our generation, you heard it here first. This melody is so sweet, so simple, you could put a baby to sleep with it. But don’t rest easy. Amp Live drops beats and Busy Signal cuts through with his complex cadence, perfectly balancing the palate to evoke the steamy sensation of a dark and lustful evening descent. “My Only” is sure to be hitting the international airwaves and dancehalls worldwide.

Unified Highway is the first album release from the vision of the Audible Collision label. We look forward to a bright future of new music to come. Enjoy the premiere, here on Rootfire.

Release Date: March 4, 2016
Label: Audible Collision
Title: Unified Highway

Pre-Order: Physical (Vinyl, CD, Merch) | iTunes


* Unified Highway – My Only (feat. Busy Signal) is an exclusive Rootfire World Premiere.


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Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.

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