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First Listen Premiere: Jacuzzi Fuzz – “Transparent”

Mixing genres of music together in a melodious way is not always easy and, well, let’s face it – it could potentially be risky.  Jacuzzi Fuzz, however, has absolutely mastered the formula of intermingling different sounds, especially with their newest single titled “Transparent.” The single drops on Friday, but in true Rootfire fashion, you can listen to it here today!

Let’s take a little journey together and get to know Jacuzzi Fuzz. The band from Miami, FL, full of talent, has humble, easy-going personalities and just recently celebrated 20 years of playing together as a band.

Johnny Colorado (drums & percussion) and Andy Clavijo (vocals & guitar) are the founding members of Jacuzzi Fuzz. Carlos “Wolfman” Garcia (bass) and Xevi Valles (keyboards) joined a little later on, and from there, Jacuzzi Fuzz was off and running. They have played shows graciously wherever life has taken them — from local house parties to opening up for The Expendables, Authority Zero, and The Slackers.

After a long “hiatus” during which they only played occasional shows and put out a couple of singles, they were finally ready to take it up a notch and fully submerge themselves in their music. The pandemic hit at the same time, though, abruptly slowing things down for the guys. They decided to use that time to focus on recording in the studio. Andy enthusiastically explains, “Now we’ve got a newfound energy for releasing music and are excited to showcase our new songs and lineup. We feel like we’re just getting started!”

Johnny adds to that, “I feel like we still have a lot to say through our music. We’re still very passionate about creating and performing for an audience of people still enjoying music. It’s also a part of our DNA in a way.” 

Jacuzzi Fuzz has a genuine passion for music and a true appreciation for people who recognize it. One of the first things that stood out as I listened to “Transparent” was the band’s ability to mix reggae, punk, and ska so effortlessly. When I mentioned this to Jacuzzi Fuzz, Johnny responded, “First of all, we love that you caught that. I’m so glad you can appreciate it! Our music is a reflection of our environment, which was a melting pot. Especially the scenes we were exposed to growing up – punk rock, hardcore, metal, hip hop, and Latin music.” He elaborates, “Our goal is to produce authentic music, the way that seems natural to us, inspired by the music around us, while paying tribute to the bands that have inspired us.”

The track not only impresses musically with upbeat melodies spun by a fun guitar riff, trumpets, a trombone, an organ and electronic keyboards,  but the catchy lyrics pulls listeners in just as swiftly as the music does.

Andy explains the meaning behind the new track:  “I try to write from an outside perspective, while also drawing from my own experiences. The protagonist in ‘Transparent’ is tired of not finding a meaningful relationship, and seeks to find and keep a loving relationship like my wife and I’s. We are open and honest with each other, and we’d do anything for each other. She is there for me and vice versa.”

I’ve heard it said that love is a healer

Not sold in Ziplock bags from your dealer

And when it hits your soul, you can feel it

But don’t try to deny it

You might not ever find it

Love is a tough thing to decipher, and even tougher when communication isn’t practiced between both people. This single joyfully reminds us that love doesn’t have to be so problematic. “Transparent” explains the simplicity of being open and honest in the chorus.

Will you keep me in the loop?

Let’s be transparent.

For you, I would jump through hoops.

“Transparent” is the band’s fourth single and is only the beginning with many more single releases planned throughout the year.  Jacuzzi Fuzz currently has two LPs and three other singles that can be found on most music streaming platforms. While the pandemic slowed the band down a bit, they are beyond ready to build their momentum again. They have a cover song coming up this summer and several songs to record and release, so stay tuned for more great music from this up-and-coming reggae rock band.




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Brooke Ashley is from Central California. She has a tremendous passion for writing and reggae music. When she isn’t working her full-time, part-time, and side jobs, you can find her in nature. She enjoys hiking, the solace of the earth, and the beauty in the silence. She is a mom of three children and advocates for Mental Health Awareness through reggae music. She knows how reggae music and the community have literally saved her life. She wants to spread that feeling of belonging and acceptance throughout the world.

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