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Death by Dub: Denver’s Latest Dub to Devour

Denver has been a growing hotspot for reggae over the last handful of years. And given the abundance of venues and a crowd that can legally self-medicate it’s no wonder that some of the country’s top musicians are now calling the mile-high city home. The latest offspring of this growing music hub is Death by Dub, an outfit of heavyweight dub heads who are bringing the masses an all-original repertoire of horn-heavy sticky to feast their ears on.

Led by bassist Dan Africano (JBB) and trombonist Scott Flynn (Odesza) the first offering from this Colorado collective features fellow JBB alumni Drew Sayers on saxophone, and delivers just what the name implies: “Truth & Justice.” Citing the influences of Tommy McCook, King Tubby and Rico Rodriguez as driving inspirations for this latest project, it is no surprise that the drums punch, the bass drives and the horns sing melodies that need no lyrics to hit home. We’re all gonna die some day—sign me up for Death by Dub.

Pick up your copy of “Truth & Justice” by Death by Dub out now on Color Red.

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Brian Nelson a.k.a. Red Ninja is passionate about making music, making friends, experiencing life and living to tell the tale. Whether dropping heavy dub beats, cruising untouched Rocky Mountain powder, or talking shop about the music biz, Nelson’s approach is pure ninja.

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