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If you ask Dylan what his favorite thing about music is - he'll answer that it's music's ability to connect people from every part of the world. Dylan grew up playing music with his family and friends, and is always down for a jam session. He was first introduced to Rootfire while interning at Easy Star Records in 2013, and has since been on tour running merch for The Movement. Dylan now works at Soundwave Consulting where he supervises the digital strategy / marketing & advertising around album releases, tours, and music festivals for the likes of Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, J Boog, Reggae Rise Up, California Roots, and Easy Star Records.

We Are Music

Do you ever wonder why we make music? Why are we drawn to sounds? Why does music make us feel the way it does? I think it’s because at our most basic level, we ARE music. 

I will explain. First though, a quick refresher.… Read More