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Live Music Is Good For You – Live Nation Study Confirms A Global Truth

2018 has been a turbulent and divisive year with no shortage of global and social issues weighing on our collective mental well-being. But every once in a while technology reminds us the future can be pretty cool. Recently, devices to take EEG/electrical brain activity readings have become small enough to be worn portably on your head. This technology enabled LiveNation to conduct a massive experiment testing the way live music makes us feel.

I’m going to tell you about it – but first some questions:

Have you ever gone to a show and felt completely rejuvenated afterward?

Have you ever gone to a show and met a new best friend for life? How about fallen in love?

Have you ever gone to a show and reached a new perspective?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions you probably already know something that LiveNation just proved in their recent global live music study: “live music gives us life.”*

By testing skin response, brain waves, and synchronization between participants, LiveNation was able to demonstrate the impact of live music on fans’ level of excitement, emotional intensity, and human connection. They combined this biometric data with survey data to verify the link between how fans think they feel and how they actually feel. What did they find? Live music events are where people are the most receptive to new ideas and human connection.*

  • Live music increases our excitement, emotional intensity, and lifts our mood long term. Live music provided an average 53% increase in emotional intensity among participants. What’s more is that those emotions weren’t fleeting. Fans self-reported a mood increase, from before to after the show, by 5x.*
  • Live music strengthens our bonds and connections. Nearly 70% of biometric participants showed significant movement synchronization (or bonding) during live music.*

The survey data also revealed a sobering truth: in this digital age, “It’s easier than ever to connect TO people but harder than ever to connect WITH people.”* The good news – live music might just be the answer to the problem.

  • 66% of global respondents say they are starving for experiences that put them back in touch with real people and raw emotions.*
  • 73% of 13- to 49-year-olds, globally, agree: “Now, more than ever, I want to experience real, rather than digital life”*
  • 71% of Gen-Z, Millennial, and Gen-X agree: “The moments that give me the most life are live experiences.”*

Remember that other study we all saw go viral last year? It found that going to a concert every 2 weeks increases your life expectancy by nine years due to its power to positively impact well-being.* See a trend?

Here’s what I love most about live music: when you’re standing in a big crowd, and that bass is rolling through you, vibrating your entire body—everybody in that crowd is vibrating at the exact same frequency at the exact same time. Hundreds to thousands of people connected by the sound, bonded by the feeling. If you already go to shows, you already know about that feeling. Keep seeing that music you love. If you don’t go to shows – do yourself a favor and start! And If you have friends that aren’t getting their weekly dose of live music, do them a favor too.

The doctor’s orders are in: go see live music, it’s good for you.

*Watch the video from Live Nation and download the full report to read all the findings from this study.

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If you ask Dylan what his favorite thing about music is - he'll answer that it's music's ability to connect people from every part of the world. Dylan grew up playing music with his family and friends and was first introduced to Rootfire while interning for Easy Star Records in 2013. Dylan now works at Soundwave Consulting where he supervises marketing & advertising campaigns for album releases and music festivals.

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