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I listen for good music everywhere. It’s hard to find. You found it. There is something primal about roots reggae. Every generation connects. And, this album [Progressive Roots Vol. 001] of world-infused, reggae groove is perfect. You’re on the right track with Rootfire.


- Don

Soul Signal: Beer Bus at The Moon Tower

Coming up the driveway you could tell it was going to be enough of everything. Enough music, enough weed, enough girls, enough good feeling. What happened was all of that and even more. We had the reggae bumping and the girls got curious…. and came out to watch… Read More

Ever since I started to play music, I have dreamed of playing Bob Marley music.

Rootfire: Issue #7

Issue #7 turns the page on a new chapter at Rootfire. It was the first time we really asked to hear from you, and the stories you sent in were incredible. The whole thing started with Keenan Donath, who introduced Fortunate Youth's new single "My Love", but it reached… Read More

Rootfire World Premiere: Fortunate Youth “My Love”

While the music of Fortunate Youth is constantly spreading to new audiences due to the band’s rigorous tour schedule, familiar followers will instantly recognize the sound of the new single, which fits right in with all-time favorite tracks like “Sweet Love” and “Love Is The Most High.” This is… Read More