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Preserving Moments on Fujifilm Instax

I took the initiative to preserve certain moments with my Fujifilm Instax. As a photographer it is important to understand the value of slowing down and "seeing" your subject, getting only one shot allows you to do that. I proudly present to you some of those glimpses of calmness… Read More

Rootfire World Premiere: The Expanders “People Business”

People Business is a throwback tune to one of my favorite subjects in Jamaican music, the “warning to all chattymouth people!” It’s about people who love to gossip and spread rumors, and those who seem to get their greatest joy in life from creating drama. - Devin Morris

Cali Roots 2015. A Poem

Some say it takes a village; I agree. Everyone in a community has a role and when we practice that role to the best of our abilities great things happen. Fortunately my role at Cali Roots 2015 was to document … Read More

Rootfire Moment – photo contest

Are you passionate about California Roots Festival? This year we’ve partnered with @josue_foto to give you the opportunity to showcase your best shot from the weekend. Follow these simple steps to enter the “Rootfire Moment” contest:
1. Upload your best … Read More