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WESTBOUND TRAIN guest post from Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake

Editors Note: Westbound Train hasn’t released a new album in over five years. With a new release slated for 2017, here is a song that will be featured on that new album. This week’s guest post comes from Vinnie Fiorello, drummer, lyricist and a founding member of the ska punk band Less Than Jake. **If you live in the Boston area and would like to see Westbound Train perform this weekend, drop us a line and we will try our best to take care of you. We have one pair of tickets to give away for each show. Contact rootfire @

WESTBOUND TRAIN, the band of vibes meets Boston the city of vibes. You can’t argue that Boston is one of those cities that you want to attend a ska and reggae show in, the history of all things music swirls around freely, and you just lose yourself in that moment and in the sway. Westbound Train has that history too, taking cues from the old and the new, from reggae, soul and blues, making it all their own and then some. You see they have always been a band of musicians and musical educators bringing the best of all worlds musically- vintage ska upstrokes soaked in soul and the relaxed backbeat of reggae and the swing of Motown. Now putting the band in Boston, the city filled with musicians, the city shrouded in history that becomes a great time.


I remember standing in the back of the room in Baltimore and watching Westbound take the stage, transforming punk kids into one collective that danced and sang – sweating to the uptempo songs and only catching their breathe when tempo turned way low and soulful. I dug that the band could play anywhere. Punk shows, no problem. Soul shows, no problem. Reggae shows not even an issue. All you have to do is like music, let the band do the rest, let the band convince you to dance when you haven’t danced in years. Lose yourself in the sway that is Westbound Train.
Vinnie Fiorello
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Show details:
Friday, September 16 @ Middle East Upstairs
Westbound TrainThe Scotch BonnetsRiki RocksteadyThe New Limits, with DJ King Django
18+ $15
Doors: 8 PM

Saturday, September 17 @ Middle East Upstairs

Westbound Train, The MacrotonesBarRoom Heroes, with DJ King Django
All Ages $16
Doors: 7 PM
Photos courtesy of Westbound Train:
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