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Get Your H2O On With Reverb At Rootfire At The Park

In the spirit of sustainability, Rootfire is pleased to welcome back Reverb as a non-profit partner at this year’s Rootfire At The Park festival, Nov 10-12 at Riverfront Park in Cocoa, FL. In addition to providing free water stations for festival goers, Reverb will also be providing limited edition Rootfire At The Park Nalgene bottles, made in the USA of BPA-free plastic.

Reverb is also looking for volunteers to assist with running the water stations, selling bottles, and getting the word out at Rootfire At The Park. Interested in getting involved? Fill out an application here.

Established in 2004 by Lauren Sullivan and her husband Adam Gardner of Guster, Reverb offers a wide variety of greening services for festivals and tours. From composting and recycling, to carbon offsets, to sourcing local farm-to-table catering, Reverb has established an extensive presence across the music industry, partnering with acts such as Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, and Alabama Shakes. Through their water conservation efforts alone, Reverb has diverted an estimated 1.8 million single-use water bottles from landfills and integrated over 137K Nalgene reusable bottles into everyday use amongst concert goers.

It is the belief of Reverb that the impact of many small actions greatly outweighs that of a single large one. As a community grows so does its potential to positively affect the greater global good. At Rootfire, we’re all about empowering the growth of the American reggae scene while encouraging the sustainable values that lie at our core as a company. Join us in Cocoa for a full weekend of music, friends, and community Nov 10-12 at Riverfront Park. VIP tickets and single day passes are available HERE.


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