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First Watch: Natty – Motherland

“This world is so small, now come, we heal it all.” – Natty


Dense vegetation meets sandy beaches in the opening of “Motherland,” the new music video from London, UK’s Natty. But it doesn’t take long for the lyrics to reference the urban contradiction to this natural setting. This juxtaposition of city vs. country, busy vs. calm is highlighted throughout the plot of this latest video, all of which is focussed on Natty’s exploration of his cultural homeland: Sierra Leone.

“Motherland,” from Natty’s critically-acclaimed 2017 sophomore offering, Release the Fear, shows us a successful artist in seek of retreat before returning to the grind of the road. The stripped down instrumentation only deepens the impact of the track’s hunt for simplicity and escape. Spacious, syncopated guitar pulls the listener in as methodic drums and bass sink roots deep into the ground. Djembe and balafon balance out the rhythm track, leaving ample room for full lyrical impact. Inside and out, “Motherland” shows us an artist grounded to his heritage, both musically and spiritually, through the craft of songwriting.

Natural surroundings, a simple daily routine and connection to cultural roots is an undeniably effective way to rejuvenate. Drawing focus inward while establishing an energetic connection to your surroundings creates a potent source of vitality. With upcoming international appearances, including a performance at the 25th Annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, fans across the globe are looking forward to seeing a Natty recharged and activated, ready to bring his unique blend of rasta-driven reggae to the world.

Catch Natty at the 25th Annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Boonville, CA June 22-24. Need tickets? Get them here.


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