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Art In Action: The Movement Raises Funds for Destiny Community Cafe

The Movement is raising funds for Destiny Community Cafe in North Charleston, SC. One winner will receive this 18×24 foil poster, signed by The Movement, Ballyhoo, and Little Stranger, from their February 2022 east coast tour.

As part of their ongoing efforts to give back, the band identifies local and regional organizations where a couple thousand dollars can really make a difference (as opposed to larger national charities with multi-million dollar budgets). Destiny Community Café is the first organization of its kind in South Carolina, operating an urban garden and pay-what-you-want cafe to combat hunger in the community.

As featured in the Charleston Post and Courier…

“Inside, there’s no cash register. Patrons are given an envelope and are asked to drop it into a discreet donation box when they’re ready to leave. ‘If your pockets are LIGHT, pay what you can. If your pockets are FULL, pay a bit more,’ reads a large, hand-painted sign displayed near the cafe’s entrance. Visitors who can’t afford to pay anything are welcome to sit down and enjoy a hot meal in exchange for an hour of volunteer time.”

Thank you for participating and helping The Movement give back!


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