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Single Showcase: Mihali – “Maplewood”

Intrepid Vermont multi-instrumentalist Mihali returns with a new studio single, “Maplewood.” via Ineffable Records, the buoyant, reggae-tinged tune is now available for listening across all streaming platforms. Produced by prominent California roots musicians Nate Feinstein (Iya Terra) and mixed by E.N. Young, the song balances sun-splashed dub instrumentation with Mihali’s signature, vibrant guitar improvisation. A lyrical homage to the simple jubilation found in embarking on life’s journey, the song is also an ode to the artist’s hometown.

“Maplewood is about turning 18 and leaving home for the first time to discover who you really are,” reflects Mihali. “It’s a journey filled with lessons and hardships, but also plenty of love and joy. I called this song Maplewood after the town I grew up in, a town that showed me a tremendous amount of love throughout my childhood and prepared me for the rest of my life.“

“Maplewood” is Mihali’s first studio offering since a busy 2020 that saw him release several singles, and his first solo album, Breathe and Let Go.

Listen to “Maplewood” Single Here

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