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Album Showcase: Micah Shemaiah – “Still”

Reggae music entered into the scene right on time. Not a moment too late, but always on the edge of the next generation. Still in its infancy in the context of its greatness, we have now had some decades to reflect on and see seeds of Reggae music and Rastafari that were sown blossom into stalks, joining the diverse ecosystem powering modern airwaves and global massives. Rize assured, we are amidst a revolution. As the Earth turns, revelatory prophecy seems to continuously propel itself to a truth stranger than fiction. While many debate the positions and the significance of these surreal natures, one thing is pure and sure – people are looking for sources of strength. They seek wisdom, and relief. In the celestial game, and by the grace of Its powers, Earth houses an especially unique atmosphere which provides the physical structural boundaries to allow music to flourish in the air. Humans have so genuinely connected to these signals since their earliest origins, that a timeline of their organized works by musicians and singers follow us all in an interlocking weave of wavs and emotional praise evolving with and reflecting the times in a micro-physical, fully spiritual plane – one that will likely eventually reveal itself as the portal to slight time and space all together, transitioning into the realm of forever.

Hear me now. Micah Shemaiah’s newest album STILL will be a major addition to the spiritual medicine cabinet. This is that potent strength material. You know the intention of sonic healing abilities will be of first and foremost importance, of only the highest quality; one may surely rest assured of this when the entire Zion I Kings production team and players of instruments are on board. This is a fully realized collection of songs and choice complimentary dubs being released to a massive that could and should arm themselves with its strength. It is STILL a powerful statement from first note to last.

Intentionally tracked with the tones that roots reggae lovers search the world over for, Micah Shemaiah’s vocal shines timeless with the lustre of golden astroids – ancient as all yet STILL coming direct with a powerfully full sonic intensity and a steady sure path to the listener’s core. He is providing what we seek from the most powerful of Reggae vocalists. A calm, commanding, melodic and militant messenger of greater truths and practices. Spiritual paths that can be guided with the open arms of one who has walked them. Internal connection to harmonize a familial blend here on Earth, in our space and time right now. A time when we know it is needed. A time when we know more is coming. Reggae music STILL providing the signs. Reggae music STILL reflecting on the times. Reggae music STILL holding us strong with roots, all while the canopy is wide to grow and thrive. Be STILL with it.

Make sure Micah Shemaiah is in your daily intake and regiment in the pursuit of spiritual strength, wisdom, and relief. He knows you’re gonna need it. Like all music – now it’s forever. But the folks here at Rootfire, Zion High Productions, the Zion I Kings, and all true lovers and knowers of the power of Roots Reggae music are here to let you know it’s available in the here and now. Arm yourself. Arm your record player. Peace is the resistance. Giving thanks over.

Micah Shemaiah’s new album STILL produced by Zion I Kings for Zion High Productions is out today, October 29 2021. Check it out on all your players by clicking here:


Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.