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The Movement – Free Summer Sampler

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The Movement is giving away 11 of their most popular songs!

Download the music, share it with your friends, and catch the band live this summer!

The Movement - Rochester, NY 02.23.2014

02.23.14 Rochester, NY – Photo: Dave Jones

“Songs like ‘Hola,’ ‘Sweet Summertime,’ and ‘Moonshine’ remind me of the buzz I got while listening to music in the car with my college friends. The times when I knew everything was just getting started, and I had no reason to rush. If The Movement was around back then, I would have had their songs on repeat. They could have been my ’40oz. To Freedom’ or ’40 Miles From Denver.’
– Seth Herman, founder of Rootfire


Summer Tour Dates

See you on the road!

The Movement and Rootfire team

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