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Welcome to Rootfire. We are a music industry cartel focused on a lifestyle that revolves around the one drop.  Rootfire began as a music management company and morphed into a record label, vinyl shop, clothing brand, and curated mixtape series.  We still manage some of the biggest bands in the modern reggae world, but have reinvented Rootfire to be a lifestyle hub focused on modern reggae and progressive roots music.  You can read more about our story here. is home to a shop and series of articles that is updated approximately three times per week. The website began in January 2013, and as common threads developed we linked articles into collections.

To get the most out of Rootfire, follow the links below to unfold a map. They will lead you to discover more of the things you care about. Also be sure to stop and listen to great music along the way.


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COLLECTIONS (Consisting of Multiple Articles) 

Experiments in Making Cool Shit Happen:
We mailed packages all over the world under the honor system, started a heady venue manifest, and founded the CD Re-Distribution Network. Find out about our experimentation’s here.

Evil Vince comes at you direct from Chicago with his schedule of must-see Futbol Matches. Roots Music will be discussed as well, providing a soundtrack accompaniment for #TheBeautifulGame.


Reggae Tuesday
Reggae Tuesday is a weekly series of original Rootfire literature for the engaged reggae reader. This week we feature highlights the path of the one-drop, from colloquial term, to reggae riddim, told through the lens of musician Semaj Surreal.

Things For Managers, Labels, and Musicians:
Articles about kicking ass with your work flow +  staying creative, focused, and inspired. This collection of info will literally make your life better.

Throwback Albums


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