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Rootfire World Premiere: Fred Locks Meets David O “Reggae Addict”

We are experiencing an artisan takeover. Whether it’s coffee, beer, weed, or reggae, more and more people are ditching the corporate goods of mass production and searching for authentic homegrown tastes. A hint of classic with a splash of real personality. Producer David O and veteran reggae singer Fred Locks have delivered a classic reggae sound that brings listeners directly to the dance they know and love, all while expressing a passionate love of reggae in a voice of originality and true character.

Sticking to classic methods of non-digital instruments and live takes, David and Fred bring the respect of the old school to the future present. Fresh out your speakers, Time to Shine drops November 20th worldwide. The record preaches to the crowd that wants more of what they know and love: pure unadulterated classic roots sounds for the reggae enthusiast.

Dig what I say. Rub a dub is here to stay. Check out the premiere single, “Reggae Addict,” exclusively on Rootfire.

Release Date: November 20, 2015
Label: Duplex

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Duplex Music:

* “Reggae Addict” is an exclusive Rootfire World Premiere.


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Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.

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